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Whether there were Americans on the Moon? The law excluded third

If to approach logically, then it is not necessary to be any expert in history of conquest of space at all to understand: opportunities only two: 1 - they were there, 2 - they were not there.

It is called the law excluded the third - one of three fundamental laws of logic formulated by Aristotle. Its initial formulation says: Statements And yes not - But cannot be at the same time false . More widespread option sounds as follows: One of statements And or not - And has to be true . it does not concern

of East logic, there with each other statements And yes not - A and " at the same time perfectly get on; And, not - A and all of them in the east at the same time can be and are true and false. Good example: baize about Hodge of Nasreddin when he both debaters recognized right and when the wife specified to it that it is impossible, told, as it is right too.

And so. Reading numerous conspiracy researches that movies and photographic materials from the Moon are forged, the inquisitive reader at first gets confused in versions, and then solves: stop. Give one after another. From the fact that the movie and a photo counterfeit, generally does not follow that Americans were not on the Moon. Even if it is possible to prove that the movie and a photo - counterfeit, it only and will prove that the movie and a photo - counterfeit . It is the first thought which comes to mind.

But nevertheless: or they were there, or not. Aristotle, preved! If were - all theories down with, the question is closed. Were and were.

If were not , we continue to argue and investigate this curious phenomenon...

If Americans on the Moon were not, they had to apply the mass of means, not that word - terrible efforts to turn rather convincing falsification on a global scale and at the same time not to be exposed.

Is probable, the ordinary reader thinks, they had for this purpose reasons. The reader Aristotelean thinks so: the reasons for falsification of disembarkation or were (the statement And - it is right ), or them was not ( And it is incorrect ) .

If reasons was not , it turns out that disembarkation to the Moon was forged just like that. Without the reasons. It is necessary to assume that in the U.S. Government and in NASA everything is universal - abnormal idiots and morons. In that case the question is besides closed as what so considers, long cerebration of do not trouble. To them and it is so good. Let`s note this point a letter Z. On this place they can stop reading, the MINISTRY OF HEALTH warned: it is harmful to them. The others go further.

If the reasons were , then they have to be very much, OOOOChEN serious.

Usually moves forward several versions:

they wanted to show the force in the middle of cold war and that to intimidate by the USSR

they there all - were, but saw something that want to hide. Therefore made false shots as astronauts jump on the Moon and so forth.

they just wanted to cut down money for TV broadcasts of disembarkation to the Moon.

as arguments a session with revelations the fact is usually given: on shots where the astronaut jumps on the Moon and puts a flag, in the sky stars, and shadows on the Moon surface - uneven are not visible. From here the slonoboyny conclusion is drawn: removed in the pavilion.

Is obvious, the powerful minds accepting these arguments consider that there is no in NASA any expert who would know that in the sky there have to be stars . And in Hollywood is not present too (helped - to them to remove that, probably, Hollywood). There now nobody guessed to put behind the black screen with holes, and behind it a searchlight as it is done in provincial Theatre for Young Audience because even in provincial Theatre for Young Audience know that in the night sky there have to be stars. And in NASA did not know! And those who accepted at them works (probably nevertheless very high persons in the government) - too did not know.

Here we find out that we again appeared in point Z ( all idiots ) and again - we can stop reflecting. All of them are idiots, all of us clever what here still to think? It is time to put on jeans, to take dollars and to go to OVIR behind the visa, and is not present - to continue to strain Windows, gathering different letters like www and

That to whom this version seems strange, it is necessary to think further and to guess that in a photo - and teleshooting in the conditions of brightly covered Moon there can be features why stars just did not turn out, and shadows uneven because a surface uneven. But it is absolutely unimportant - clearly that ESLI BY NASA really forged all these shots, and stars would shine as in Loukas`s movies, and shadows lay beautifully, and all the rest. So this argument testifies in favor of authenticity of shots rather .

The version about what was seen something much more beautifully. In - the first, it is more interesting. What could they see it there? Well of course, of newcomers ! Newcomers contacted with them and either intimidation, or some benefits persuaded to hide their this meeting. It is unclear, however, that prevented astronauts to ask them to depart away and to shoot scenes the first steps on the Moon without newcomers. Perhaps, newcomers did not allow them to land at all and even to land on the Moon? Perhaps they in a circumlunar orbit wrapped astronauts? Here also they had to shoot counterfeit scenes of disembarkation?

This version is much richer, and it is more difficult to disprove it, actually against it there are only two serious arguments: 1) why still none of participants of production of photofakes broke up? If such person provided proofs - he could from journalists take SUCH money for it, as difficultly imagine. And it is even more difficult to imagine that none of hundreds of employees and personnel wanted to take them. And 2) if on the Moon really newcomers, then what a fig they there still do sat down and will not appear to people of Earth in any way?

But this version, despite the beauty and persuasiveness, is low-appeal. Why? Yes because creators of similar theories first of all need to simulate a situation Americans stupid deceivers, did not fly " anywhere; and here in - the first flew, and in - the second, leaves what is with them - that newcomers agreed, and with us for some reason is not present? We that, worse? Offensively. Personally I consider that if newcomers there also were, then they died of laughter, having seen a moon rover, but it already as imagination.

The version about to cut down money for TV broadcasts does not maintain criticism for the same reason 1, namely: this version is completely inconsistent to itself. If matter in money, then after falsification was successful, all believed in disembarkation on the Moon, money for display everything is raised, - for exposure of it could tear off still big money . If there is an opportunity to make money, then they will be surely made. In that case where memoirs of participants of mystification? Not conjectures of conspiracy theorists and paranoids, and REAL participants of events? Why none of them made on it HUGE money yet? That from hundreds of workers participating in a fake ANY did not mention the WORD - it cannot just be. If for money it was worth MAKING such laborious work, risking to fail nevertheless - it is a million times less real, than FOR the SAME MONEY to EXPOSE it, anything at the same time without doing , without removing, without wasting any efforts. Money for exposure of deception it is not worse than money for deception.

And in any election campaign it did not come up? It to you not the dress of Monica, this business is more serious. However serious evidential exposing documents and publications of participants are unknown. There is only a heap of conjectures from outside, and books which on book bazaars lie near books Columbus did not peddle old stuff Napoleon was not Pyramids were constructed by ancient Slavs New chronology of Fomenko etc. All this is expected to doubt on the people incapable in any information - they trust in everything: in a malefice - I spoil, in horoscopes, in memory of water, the theory of the torsion fields and other fenshuynyu.

It is possible to assume that to do revelations there is nobody since bigwigs of business simply killed all film-making personnel ( who filched a hat, that also bumped off the aunt ) . But then there is the following question why those who killed still did not zaprodat this information to the same paparatsets? They were killed too or to them paid too? And so on - it is infinite. In a word, the version of money for teledisplays does not maintain logic and is scattered on all seams.

There is a version of intimidation of the countries of a socialist camp by exaggeration of space power of the USA. But in this case supporters of the version should recognize that the Soviet investigation missed it a chance, as it is impossible to describe. Because if were though the slightest bases to declare officially falsification - the USSR would not miss such moment (without speaking about China and Sowing. Korea), and on the contrary, would sound all trumpets, exposed and shamed for the whole world. Remember transfers 70 - x years about the USA of authorship the Shaft. Zorina, where troubles were brightly described and deprivations of the American unemployed - I saw the program where the Shaft. Zorin with emotion was indignant, narrating about the poor boy who gets to himself on life, trading on Manhattan in brushwood for a kindling (typical fuel for houses on Manhattan). Also did not hesitate. So really it would be ashamed if it was instructed the Central Committee of CPSU - to expose about the Moon? But the instruction was not , so - the bases were not slightest to that. And here this version too somehow loses attractiveness: though on the Moon they maybe were not, but nevertheless appeared lovchy all (except authors of these works, of course)... Again it is offensive...

Having studied enough documents where in detail prove, as shadows fell not so, and the flag fluttered (did not flutter) not so, and stars were not etc., the researcher of a question realizes: all multimegabyte works challenge and investigate ONLY the FIRST disembarkation. Materials of other five disembarkation to the Moon are practically not exposed to doubts of conspiracy theorists . And here again - there is a question: creation and support of such falsification of really space scale - business very labor-consuming, expensive and troublesome, a shame in case of exposure - indescribable up to loss of all person of the country. So why they should have done SIX such falsifications? It repeatedly increased risk of exposure? Well made one, it was possible. Why further - that to risk?

To ask this question to specialists in lunar revelations, a photo - and to teleequipment, space business and history of astronautics very interestingly. The experts who were just confidently rushing difficult terms, after a considerable pause, ask usually: Six what? .

Becomes clear, that they did not even suspect that after Armstrong and Oldrin first disembarkation took place five more and that the Moon orbit (according to Americans) generally was visited by 28 people, from them, apparently, 15 landed and even went there by the all-terrain vehicle. It brightly characterizes their competence and awareness, but does not prevent them to consider itself as grown wise experts, and all others - the naive deceived gawks. What to do?

Thus we see purely practical advantage of the " appendix; the principle excluded the third to different interesting questions of history. For fans of logical constructions, of course.

And what interesting human copies run usually in the comment!... We wait - with!