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There is nothing to pay for the apartment What exit?

Happen, unfortunately, such periods in life when the lack of money presses and smothers. Life throws up all new tests. There is no money for products, and here yet monthly payment for the apartment You will not pay today - tomorrow your debt will increase and will begin to grow at a snowball What to do?

There are no desperate situations. At such moments the brain feverishly begins to look for an exit. And, as a rule, by all means finds!

The most important - remember, maybe, you have some privileges for payment of housing. And you still did not issue them. Immediately learn what are necessary documents, and begin to collect them. Recalculation to you can not be made for the last periods of accommodation, it depends on the legislation of your state and documents regulating this question in local self-government institutions. But these privileges will help you in the future, and it will be easier for you to overcome this vital collision.

If your debt is impressive, condominiums or ZhEU can file a lawsuit against you. Be ready to it morally. And the court can award deduction from your salary or pension of a certain part of the income. Yes, and from pension too. As a last resort can move from the apartment, having provided housing in the hostel or with smaller living space.

Remember a heart-breaking plot eviction of a large family of the janitor in Moscow. Mass media interfered, and a family left alone. But such precedent takes place. Try not to bring the situation to such final. It is staked too much - from a roof over the head to your health which will be difficult to be restored after such shock.

Try to find any source of the additional income. Always it is possible to make it, even in the most difficult situation. The main thing not to lower a hand and to believe firmly that behind night dawn comes. You precisely know what sum needs to be extinguished, without bringing the matter to court, - look for this sum. It is possible to borrow at relatives or friends, of course, too if you know that you will be able to give.

In this article this is not about malicious defaulters which on ideological beliefs do not pay for the apartment. There are such people who consider that all have to them, and the state - first of all. These people do not read article about searches of an exit from difficult situations.

Report about the situation to all friends, colleagues and the family. Together it is easier to beat the father! Send SOS signals anywhere and everywhere. I do not urge to go with a cap in hand - you ask a side job on forces. Who looks for - that will always find! The main thing to want to find money and to pay off on debts.

Before crisis it was possible just to take the credit in bank. Now this exit can bring to a debt hole of which it will be even more difficult to get out.

If you are able to work, look for more highly paid work. Do not believe that any passers-by are not taken! This complex prevents you to find treasured work. If you trust in the forces - will surely find, even in crisis.

Tighten a corbel more tightly. Once again reconsider the expenditure and moderate appetite. Believe, such audits it is important to carry out lives at any time - so many reserves come to light! Look around - can be, you have something unnecessary you, but such treasured for others - advertize in sale. Look for the buyer on the Internet.

Perhaps, you once inherited apartments, and now there is nothing for them to pay? And it happens. Even at oligarchs. It is worth thinking - can, it is simpler to sell this elitka and buy something? Or to sell the usual apartment and to get a lodge in the village? To live outdoors and to strengthen the health. Perhaps, this new round in your life for this purpose is also intended - it is time to come back to the mother - the earth!

Surely reconcile if you in quarrel. What it is related to a debt for a rent? The most direct. The fact that the destiny led you to this deplorable result - a result, it is necessary to find a source. From where such outcome originates? And the most important why you fell into such state? Any test is given us as a lesson. What does he have to teach us to? When also to whom we did not give what has to be given? It is important to understand it!

It is possible to make, of course, a complaint the whole world - me has nothing to pay for the apartment! But it is important not to become angry, not to roll down to hatred, and to find a way out. He is always!