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With what handle Arthur Conan Doyle wrote the immortal Sherlock Holmes?

on November 1, 1863, 145 years ago, in the small town of Shelsberg (State of Wisconsin) in a family of rather poor immigrants Parkerov was born the son who was named George. Shortly before this event parents left New England which became for more than 200 years for their families native and went in search of the better lot to the Central part of the United States, to the State of Wisconsin. But also it is moving did not bring the expected results - the family did not grow rich and when George was 17 years old, without having an opportunity to pay for private school, it went to work to Dzheynsvill in Cable school of Velentayn.

Language at Parker - younger was suspended, and a year (namely such trial period was given to the young man) later it took in a staff of school the teacher. Earnings at George were very low, and therefore he willingly responded to the announcement of the " company; The John Holland Fountain Pen Company who suggested the garrulous young man to become the agent on sale of fountain pens.

You do not want - we will force!

Of course, first of all Parker used the official position and suggested to buy similar handles to all the pupils. But soon teacher it was convinced that these handles are no good: they very quickly failed, and repair was very laborious business and only for few weeks prolonged life to handles.

Pupils were dissatisfied and the broken handles bore to the teacher who in the evenings instead of arranging private life, hours dug in mechanisms of handles, trying to patch Trishkin a caftan . And then, having accumulated necessary experience, George manufactured the handle. It was almost deprived of shortcomings, was in working order longer, broke less often.

His pupils became the first buyers of handles of Parker again - but soon rumors about extraordinary reliable handles stepped over a threshold of Cable school. Persons interested to buy the writing accessory turned out very much that George asked the principal about opening of a small workshop, having promised the last a certain percent from all sold handles. Velentayn, naturally, did not refuse gratuitous profit

One was forced out by another... it became later than

clearly that it is absolutely unprofitable to contain cable school - better to convert rooms into workshops on production of handles. And made. And after a while partners opened two more enterprises

But Parker would not be Parker if did not set the maximum object for himself - to become the producer of handles No. 1 in the world. And it managed it: gradually its goods began to be delivered to Europe, Asia, say, tried to win all planet.

I think, today, in a century tamping of texts on the " computer; it is difficult for modern youth to understand, from - for what so took a steam bath previous generations. But I as the journalist, began almost 35 years ago, and attached huge significance to with what it is necessary to write. Ball pens could be suitable only to write down short interview, further they began to be smeared godlessly, the ball badly slid that caused only irritation.

To threaten on William of our Shakespeare (that is, on Parker) I, of course, could not, but also on the decent ink handle, naturally, spared no expense. Though now it seems ridiculous that the Chinese " handle; Gold feather seemed then very decent. And obligatory Chinese ink which approached the handle the compatriot far better, than our, domestic, from the " enterprise were applied to it; Rainbow .

Two sonnies and beauty daughter!

But we will return to Parker. Here its stages big way . 1888 - the company which is letting out almost ideal pen on which a year later Parker takes out the first patent is founded. 1892 - George Parker and the local specialist in insurance U. F. Palmer become partners and register PARKER PEN COMPANY in Dzheynsville. Now it sounds nearly wildly, but Parker sells a half of shares of the company to Palmer for the sum ridiculous at present - 1000 dollars. Palmer was the lucky guy - running forward I will tell that later quarter of the century turnover of the company for the first time exceeded 1 million dollars!

Following, 1893, becomes for Parker the happiest in his life: On November 23 he marries Martha Clements. At them two son and the daughter - Russell, Kenneth and Virginia are born.

How to remain afloat? Invent something... in a year Parker invents

bent a tube - a capillary, holding ink in the handle and preventing their drying, five years later is created jointless pen . In it there are no carving joints, all vital details of a pen are put into a non-demountable sleeve. As result the handle was deprived of such shortcoming as course of ink at all.

In the years of World War I when the set of firms was ruined, Parker stood thanks to the fact that he witty adapted to new conditions. The new Trench handle had the special container for ink granules. Having diluted granules with water, the soldier could write the letter home directly in an entrenchment

B 20 - e years Parker guessed again. It prepared for the admirers the smart handle with brightly - the orange case, it was big and teasing. And though at its price (7 dollars) then it was possible to buy nearly a cow, steepness officials and businessmen then was defined by existence of a pen of Parker. And in 1931 after developments and research of 1200 various formulas in 1931 " ink was let out; QUINK . For those times it was related to small revolution

Unfortunately, George was very strongly knocked down by unexpected death of the son Russell which did not become in 1933. Parker considerably handed over and began to feel more and more clearly the 70 - summer age. He asked to be allowed on rest, having forever left the study

George Parker died in the morning on Monday July 19, 1937 in hospital Billings in Chicago, without having noted the 74 - the anniversary

Hitler kaput! Nearly forgot

about the question which is taken out in heading. With what handle Arthur Conan Doyle wrote the immortal Sherlock Holmes? You, probably, already guessed - the " handle; Parker . And still it signed the most important document of the XX century - the Act of unconditional surrender of Germany in World War II. By the way, in September the Japanese militarists admitted the full powerlessness George Parker`s invention too