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You learn a foreign language? How to put a pronunciation of

Long ago you learn language? Only began? You want to speak without accent? Are ready for it to spend the time? Then I admire you. Many, beginning to learn a foreign language, think approximately so: The Pronunciation - the case second, me now lexicon, grammar, and a pronunciation and somehow itself will be put . Practice shows that opinion it very and very mistakenly. The pronunciation does your speech distinguished for native speakers. Respectively, if the pronunciation leaves much to be desired - do not hope for mutual understanding, you will give such things - and it is ridiculous and sad.

On theoretical phonetics I will not speak about advantage of textbooks. The advantage, certainly, is, but only for experts. Let`s better talk about how to us, nonspecialists in this area to seize a tricky pronunciation. There are many receptions, allowing to put it more - less decently. I will not speak now about accent as it includes still intonational models and other subtleties.

First of all, be defined, to what pronunciation you want to learn . Dialects in all languages a set so it is logical to put the standard, standard pronunciation. You will understand dialects then without special work if it is necessary to you. Decide on grants and material, the benefit now the choice is. As language audio - material which you will use subsequently, it is desirable to choose with the expert. Notice, than quality of an audio recording is higher, the it is less than defects of the speech at announcers (there is also it), the your chances of mastering a normal pronunciation are higher.

You bought materials (dialogues, audiobooks, movies etc.) came home, made a seagull, sat, smoked, made still a seagull, still smoked, turned on the TV No, I hope, it not about us. You vigorously came home, unpacked materials, started the computer, there is no computer - use DVD - players, they are absent, use something that can reproduce audio. The computer in this plan is very convenient. High quality plus a possibility of delay of speed of reproduction do it irreplaceable.

Include your material and begin to listen . I consider that degree of complexity of material is not important for statement of a pronunciation, but of course, it is better to begin with simple elements (a pronunciation of letters, simple words, simple sentences). Having listened to an element, try to say its , and then slow down record and listen attentively once again to all shades of a pronunciation. And here also slowly try to say for the announcer, and it is better together with the announcer. Then repeat an element. Only this way, slowing down film you will be able to hear all subtleties of a pronunciation and to reproduce them.

One more method of statement of a pronunciation is that you listen to yourself as if from outside and compare to the original . For this purpose it is desirable for you to record the speech with the tape recorder or where still. Comparison will allow to reveal your mistakes and to begin work on their elimination.

You should not neglect various programs allowing to improve a pronunciation, however, by experience I will tell - not too hope for them. I am imposed, for example, audio - books. I do not know, can to you it will be pleasant to put a pronunciation using movies. However, to the standard it is quite far there.

And the last council, do not try to reproduce foreign sounds, using articulation base of the native language . Read better the description of how the sound / letter is said, listen, and repeat, trying to imitate record. Well and of course, be persistent - the pronunciation in a week is not put , can and year will be required, but you will be rewarded.