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When the Barbie doll had friends and a family? Ken, Midzh, Theresa and others

As well as it is necessary to any lady, sooner or later Barbie had to get a family. As it happened - in 1961 at the platinum blonde appeared plastic boyfriend Ken called so by name the younger son of Ruth Hendler.

Eventually Barbie acquired in total new friends and relatives. Two years later, in 1963, it had a girlfriend by the name of Midzh, after it on the horizon it was drawn one more - the black brunette Theresa, there were younger sisters from nowhere - the teenager Skipper and the baby Shelley and other members of family. Names to new relatives, as well as it was got by tradition, were given already in honor of madam Hendler`s grandsons.

Replenishment families proceeded also in the 21st century. The storm of indignation was caused by sudden emergence on shelves of shops of the pregnant woman Midzh. Opponents of a doll suggested that future mother can lead to growth of children`s pregnancy as for many little girls Barbie and her friends are a standard for imitation.

But producers of a doll did not see anything reprehensible in release of a doll set Happy family which structure, besides Midzh in situation, included still her husband and the three-year-old little son. And what surprising could be that girl which production began even in 1963, in 1991 married and later even some time decided to get posterity? Besides, the pregnant woman Midzh in due form carried a wedding ring, and complete with her children`s accessories were applied: a pelenalny little table, a crib, the radio nurse and toys for the newborn.

The last acquisition Barbie became appeared in shops in 2003 her grandmother in a blouse with a flower print and the grandfather in a woolen sweater. Both gray-haired and on sale only in couple.

If to all these relatives granted to the beauty by the Mattel company to add also all illegitimate relatives of production of China, Malaysia, Taiwan and other areas of the globe, the family of a doll will expand to improbable limits.

So high popularity of Barbie in the world could not but leave the mark on a doll. In 1980 - e years appearance of the beauty changed: besides the remaining general favourite of the blue-eyed blonde dolls with appearance of Africans, Latin Americans and Asians were let out. The many-sided woman of fashion became an international toy: there were whole series of dolls in national suits.

Still almost for 50 - summer history Barbie mastered a set of professions: she was a veterinarian and the dentist, the teacher and the astronaut, the ballerina and the stewardess, the worker of a network of McDonald`s fast food restaurants and the jockey, acted in Marilyn Monroe and Scarlett O`Hara`s image, the Cinderella and the Sleeping Beauty etc.

A in 2002 limited circulation by Christmas holidays to light was new Barbie. The updated doll was devoted to production of the Lingerie company which is letting out underwear, therefore appeared before public in an impudent short satin combination zhemchuzhno - gray color with a black fringing and in stockings. Such Barbie cost 45 dollars (that is on average approximately twice higher than cost average doll blonde ) it was also designed more likely for collectors, than for children.

But not everything was smooth in life of the first American beauty. 2004 became fatal: like a bolt from the blue news that after 43 years of happy family life Barbie and Ken left sounded. About divorce it was officially reported at the International fair of toys in the USA. Also on behalf of dolls a confession was made that, despite current situation, the former spouses will remain kind friends. Ken, as well as is necessary to the real man, nobly left all in common acquired property to the former beloved.

Perhaps, this drama could be avoided if interfered with official divorce mother Barbie, Ruth Hendler who, unfortunately, could not defend happiness daughters - owing to complications after the undergone intestines operation, she died in 2002.

But no sorrows and lawsuits could break the firm plastic beauty. It is still cheerful and cheerful, her radiant eyes and an open smile still, as well as 50 years ago, forever win the sensitive hearts of millions of little girls.