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How to prepare a chicken liver? With mango and date syrup!

If to speak seriously (I not always manage that), then a chicken liver - one of the most tasty products, and in all types. From it amazing paste turns out, it is very good roasted without any cunnings. Its main advantages before the others of a pechenyama: it is quickly fried, and these awful channels are not in it.

Oh, these channels! You will buy a piece of beef liver, from above it is not visible, and you begin to cut!!! It seems, you bought only channels! And if it somehow can pass in a liver in a stomach, then just fried liver will not give any pleasure to you, these are 100%. Beef liver has one more shortcoming: slightly you will overdo on a frying pan - it becomes rigid as a sole at a boot.

So, gentle taste and simplicity of cooking - it does a chicken liver by exclusive raw materials for the hostess who does not like to potter long in kitchen. (By the way, not everyone wants to prepare quickly. I was reached by rumors that in the Network there is an association of dolgogotovyashchy hostesses (Slow Cooking Thursday). They spend for cooking of 7 - 8 hours! And how many they will make? During this time it is possible to prepare on a regiment of hungry soldiers, and at them - on only 10, at most - 11 people!. Perhaps they so long prepare to grow thin? Write what for weight loss should be prepared.) Recipes - here (in English).

Washed out, salted, peppered, threw on a frying pan, turned in a couple of minutes, then once again in a couple of minutes, once again in a couple of minutes - it is ready! A garnish - the elementary: boiled or fried potato, fried onions, rice boiled! Dream of the bachelor, but not hostess! And if you a big gourmet - cut a cucumber, tomato though fresh though salty or marinated, strew with fennel, at last!

But I want to offer you one more option, simple too, but interesting. The fried liver can be stuffed up in red pepper (certainly, sweet if you do not want to play a trick on the guests). Entirely it will hardly enter a pepper chetvertushka, it can be cut with pieces. If there is a fresh cucumber - insert a piece into a gap between a liver and pepper. Well, and fennel, of course! At the seeming plainness of such decision it (dish) turns out rather spectacular and even tasty.

But if you want to make something similar to a restaurant dish, then I offer you the recipe from the chief - the cook Tal Cohen: a chicken liver with mango and date syrup (the Hebrew-speaking website of a catering in which Tal works the chief - the cook).

So: 400 grams of a chicken liver, white loaf or a roll (for 8 - 10 portions on number pechenochek), mango, several garlic gloves, carrot of the average sizes, leaflets (escapes) of different grasses: beets, salad, spinach. And still - date syrup (approximately a glass).

Cut garlic plates, mango and carrot small cubes (mango is larger, carrot more small). Dry bread in an oven (170 degrees, 20 minutes). Roast slightly carrot and garlic and on the same frying pan - a liver. I have a big frying pan, all 400 grams can be roasted for one calling. It seems to me, it is best option - to do without repeated loading of a frying pan.

The liver is ready, put it on bread, impose it with carrots pieces, fried garlic, mango pieces, put on all this green leaflets (do not put fennel or parsley!). And then water with date syrup. The dish is ready!

I must tell you that it is a little unusual to eat a sweet liver. But feelings were As symphony: several tastes, each of them are felt separately! And in general - a restaurant dish! The house is so not prepared! And not from - for laziness, and on ignorance.

Now you know what to prepare at home to feel on a visit at the chief - cooks! Try - it is simple, it quickly, it is tasty!