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How to survive in the conditions of crisis?

of the Instruction on a survival for office plankton in Ice Age.

Companions! Great October capitalist crisis about which so long and unsuccessfully warned - no, not Bolsheviks - liberals all Westerners, market experts, human rights activists and other different faultfinders - ochernitel - came to Russia.

How, and you - that also do not know? And in the TV well-fad chiefs in expensive suits optimistically say that there is nothing terrible. Well growth rates will decrease by couple of percent there, and we will give to the correct banks of money - how many it is necessary, and inflation will not increase, unless only absolutely slightly - slightly. And our production will not suffer, unlike American.

If you in all this trust - the panel to you in hands (from the TV)! There is for you a lot more interesting. The Hut - 2 Cows - on - ice - 3 GosDoom - 6 Factory of small asteroids - 7 and other

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our Crisis will be really predetermined by crisis in the West. And there it is expected for a long time - perhaps for 1 - 3 years. Until the end of the year (in connection with elections in the USA) acceptance by the West of effective, but unpopular measures is improbable - well they have there today no resolute leaders of type Earhart, Thatcher or Gaidar. The following surge in crisis and panic is possible in connection with transition of crisis from the bank sphere in industrial and very vital issues at any backbone American industrial giants (the " type; Glavmotors Flaing etc.) .

with the Homeland

A at us in Russia can expect the main falling (and it already began - the having Internet and sees) in those segments of the market where demand can be postponed for long term.

Leaders of falling:

tourism and air transportation

automotive industry,



trade in electronics and household appliances

any new projects in an initial stage.

Stabilization anchors:


food industry and agriculture,

state corporations, military industrial complex

small business.

A to what branch possesses your organization?

and with us

1. Work.

the Most sore point - big reductions will be i>. Both staff, and salaries, and social packages. And delays of payments. All talk on command spirit, social partnership, long-term works timbilder PR managers and image makers at a storm the first fly overboard. Together with the described characters.

Think over that you will personally do if reduction happens directly tomorrow . What is the time you will be able to live without salary. Do you have spare options of employment, including temporary and single. If is not present - urgently look for. If offer you pay cut, incomplete week, holiday at own expense - you do not hurry to grab the gun, forgive for shopping mall, the former LABOUR CODE.

Consider, assess a situation for last years, real need for your production, reputation and behavior of heads - it is quite possible that after crisis the firm has every chance of growth and over time will compensate your losses. And if everything is bad - at dismissal demand put. Whenever possible, try to keep good relations with firm and the former colleagues - it is quite probable, they still will be useful to you at new work.

2. Credits.

the Time of lungs (relatively, of course) the credits ended - and for a long time. Now it is necessary to save for the necessary things - and unnecessary not to buy (and it is good for economy and ecology in general). By the way, if the credit is taken from you, check whether has bank of an opportunity to change a rate unilaterally. Usually such things write in contracts with the most small print at the very bottom of the latest page. Reflect whether you should not pay off with the credit ahead of schedule, there are a work and savings so far. Do not hope that if the bank goes bankrupt, then the credit can be not returned - persons interested on your money will always be.

3. Savings. the state guarantee Threshold on deposits is lifted by

to 700 thousand rubles - means your money in case of bankruptcy of bank will not be gone. However you remember that will return to you their soooovseey not soon and it is not simple at all. Keep in mind both numerous and rigid restrictions for cash disbursement by many still temporarily live banks. You hold at yourself a sufficient stock of cash for the current needs.

Currency it is urgent you should not change, in my opinion. Sharp jumps of exchange rates should not be. Actions and mutual funds should be held, without selling without extreme need. Today`s losses are virtual if now not to record them. Actions will not be gone, to steal them technically extremely difficult. In several years they will be restored and will make good profit. Persons interested can look at the price of the same Gazprom till 1998. But to buy right now I would not advise - the bottom was not reached yet. If is superfluous savings - it is the best of all to buy objects of long use.

4. Inflation. and now only her authors can trust

In official figure (about 12%). The last multi-billion injections of the state in the correct banks (just on conservation law, adjusted for shrinkage - spillage on the road) in few months will appear in the consumer market, having respectively reflected in the prices of goods and services. I would predict double increase in indicators of inflation (as official and felt ) the next year.

5. Chances. Are possible

successful casual purchases especially in the small distribution networks experiencing difficulties - you watch discounts.

6. Life. Life during such periods becomes more difficult than


Be accurater at work - in anticipation of reductions any your oversight can be used against you. Even the fact that now you read this article from the working computer.

Be more careful on the street - crisis will expel a great number of the unemployed put on a survival side on the street.

Be kinder to people, help that, to a lump it is even worse. God (and for atheists - the Supreme law of the nature) will remember it and will not leave unaided and you at a difficult moment.