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Who lives till 100 and more years?

Any other subject, perhaps, do not abound, at first sight, with such wild logical mistakes as reasonings on long-livers and recipes long life. In Cuba high life expectancy. In Cuba it is accepted to smoke cigars. Conclusion: long to live, you smoke cigars. Smokers in general like to quote triumphantly long-livers, say, they here too smoked all life and lived up to the 100. But nobody knows up to how many they would live if did not smoke. Perhaps, to 120 how it is offered in the Bible?

120 years - average life expectancy of one of the mountain tribes living in the valley of the river of Hunza, hunzakut. And to what only do not attribute this phenomenon of longevity!

On the one hand, hunzakuta eat very little (in comparison with Europeans). With another, the main part of their diet is made by apricots, nuts and grain. With the third, they eat the local thawed snow which allegedly have special force. With the fourth, the mountain climate promotes delay of a metabolism. With a heel, they have no concept doctors (and, therefore, and diseases) if who has a change or other trouble with which cannot cope, it is necessary to overcome the mountain pass to reach the next settlement. With the sixth to have the child after 100 years for them a commonplace. And here it is already unclear, the reason it or a consequence.

Hunzakuta, certainly, incredibly interesting tribe with rich traditions, worthy separate article. However gerontologists (the scientists dealing with problems of an old age and longevity) place all this chaos of the reasons in places, each of which can at desire become sensation and - la the Cuban cigars.

Under the influence of various factors the human body is subject to destruction. Therefore the first that has to come to mind if you duration of your life worries, - how to reduce influence of harmful factors on the organism. How fully to get enough sleep how to minimize a stress how to eat properly how in due time to be cleared how to strengthen immunity and much - much others, in full low-feasible tasks.

The nature provides ability of restoration (active cell renewal) in youth, but with age the organism loses it. Scientists explain this fact with the fact that the nature it is anxious continuation of a look also supplies an organism with all necessary until it did not execute the reproductive function. After that the organism is not of interest from the point of view of evolution, and he is allowed to grow old and, eventually, to die. So sex and the birth of children can be referred to the rejuvenating factors but, alas, not prolonging life safely. Slightly to get closer to Mathusela, it is not enough.

The simplest that can be made (and it is proved experimentally) - to limit the caloric content of food and to diversify the way of life with physical exercises. It will slow down process of a metabolism and can prolong to you life for about 10 years. By the way, for this reason among long-livers there are so many inhabitants of mountain regions - the rarefied air and low pressure are the natural factors which are slowing down a metabolism.

Is in this simple recommendation one but . The slowed-down metabolism can affect, for example, intellectual development of the person though it experimentally so far and is not proved (no wonder, experiences are put generally on rats). It is exciting to live till 100 and more years, of course, but whether will turn quantity into quality, here in what a question. As Aldous Huxley spoke: All want to live forever, but nobody wants to be old . Huxley dying from cancer knew what he wrote about.

Refer refusal of addictions, prevention of cancer diseases, genetic predisposition to the other factors influencing life expectancy (i.e. life expectancy of your ancestors) and even a habitat. It is interesting that in each region there are the traditional factors promoting longevity. It is known that Japan - one of the leading countries on life expectancy, and it is often attributed to consumption of seafood and fishes. Most likely, they play the same role as apricots - at hunzakut. Interestingly, and that undertakes this role in Moscow? For the last the number of long-livers, whose age passed few years for 100, increased twice and reached 785 people. But it is, seemingly, already care not of gerontologists, and sociologists Finally I will notice

that scientists are unanimous that the positive spirit and optimism favorably affect not only quality of life, but also its duration. And they most likely came to this conclusion without the aid of rats.

Long and optimistical to you years of life!