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Life on Earth.

are Surprisingly arranged everything on our planet. Ideal conditions for existence. You do not cease to be surprised to talent of the Gardener. This variety of plants and animals! Flora and fauna. And everything self-regulates! Even any excess bukashechka, any excess travinochka. All does not grow with a durninushka - animals eat up and fertilize manure. Until recently such there were even gluttons as mammoths and various zavra. The quantity and quality of herbivorous is regulated by predators. Predators between themselves get on under laws of natural selection too. The flying insects help with pollination of plants, the number of assistants is regulated by birds. Birdies eat also seeds of plants, regulating quantity of trees, and bugs - worms who gnaw a trunk and leaves. Among birds there are also predatory, regulating quality and the number of other relatives and small animals. Any small insects dig in remains of foliage and other, on the soil of fallen. In the seas - oceans, in the rivers and lakes in principle it is similar to overland existence. Life muravyyov and bees - in general separate history! In general - the self-regulating evolving System. Live and rejoice, the Person! Beauty!

Yes, by the way, about people.

lodged In a children`s paradise garden the person. Almost at once, as the life support system was adjusted. There lived the person also, as well as

him similar humanoid animals. Well, as monkeys. Of food - full - it is full. Yes though bananas, apples, oranges - tangerines, berries - mushrooms, nuts of all, though what and even what did not remain till these times. But for certain was. And, maybe, is even more tasty, than mango or cucumbers and tomatoes onions salad and with sour cream! Well, maybe, as Russian salad or Greek salad. To put it briefly, the first people on Earth were Gods, of course. Also there were they frugivorous. The benefit of this good - give a hand. Here they lived, lived. History bible and almost in the text was related even there. Let`s lower details for the time being...

Well, and is time for children on free bread. Give, children, comprehend now, a pier. Here look how animals or as simple yetis live. But you remember that all the person have to seek to become gods. Even other animals envy people, want to be similar to them. Some will also become the real people, and gods, then.

to you is allowed to beg At the beginning for fire mothers and fathers - Gods, still which - that on a trifle, but generally give. Develop sciences, reveal secrets of Life, help the friend the friend. You learn to study and you study.

Went years. Got dark . There were floods, and cold snaps, continents ran up and faced Technical progress reached the apogee and deification. With what we came to a graduation party? Whether learned to think which of us of planetary or space categories? And not in consumer sense - as if what on the Moon to steal and on Saturn to sell. And in whether will be able to operate who the planet with all its infrastructure. In other words - there are applicants possessing the qualities granting the right for further improvement? Who studied the Nature, who learned to be for a mnogiya of life a Person? Who did not become the slave to achievements of science and technology, and wisely used these benefits for training and expansion of outlook, not to the detriment of health of soul and a body? Who learned to coexist with neighbors in the Planet peacefully? For especially gifted the master - a class will be carried out, it is necessary to hurry to manage to learn all the rest, to learn everything that will be taught. If we forget something, then hardly we will be let out in general from a kindergarten under the name Earth. And for the second term (in which already time!) did not bother? We are already adult children. To frighten us babay, Parents will already not be the Last Judgement and a doomsday. To mind - reason to appeal yes to honor - conscience. At whom what grew in the temple as a hobby - in a body that for a flower.

our Beautiful Earth. Wisely everything is arranged. Beauty!