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Whether you know what is a parachute?

All of us with you know what is a parachute for what purposes it is necessary and as it is applied. But very few people from us know from where there was a word parachute . And there was it from two words of two languages - Greek para what means against and French chute what means falling . What by itself is meant by the device for braking of object at the expense of air resistance.

For the first time the idea of a parachute came Leonardo da Vinci. At its manuscripts there is a text: If the person has a tent from the starched cloth, each party which has twelve elbows in width and as much in height, he can rush from any height, without subjecting himself at the same time to any danger .

The aircraft violently began to develop in XX - m a century. Urgently parachutes for pilots were required. Parachutes of an old design could not be applied because were very bulky. Then the special parachute was created by the inventor Gleb Kotelnikov. And in 1911 it registered the invention which received the name - a rantsevy parachute.

It was a round form and kept within a satchel which settled down on the pilot. In a satchel springs which threw out a dome after the pilot pulled out an exhaust ring settled down. The soft satchel was shortly entered, and in it honeycombs for laying a sling appeared. Such design of a rescue parachute is applied and now. And also the set of designs of parachutes owing to which by means of a parachute applied experience of a jump was for a short time replaced.

And now it is a little about types of a parachute.

Parachutes are divided into two categories: on a design, to destination.

Design features . Quantity of sections at a dome (5,7,9,11), a chord ratio to scope. Dome form (rectangular, elliptic, and dr). Dome material (F - 111, ZP, combined) and slings (a Dacron, a microline, kevlar).

Classification to destination. Domes can be divided into two categories - general purpose and specialized. Specialized domes are domes which completely show the constructive opportunities put in them in that type of jumps for which they are intended. Domes of general purpose, are used where all operations are performed in a free fall, before opening of a parachute.

An important role is played also by the choice of a parachute. Let`s talk a little about criteria of the choice of a parachute.

First criterion. Let`s call it - dome Type. Are subdivided into three classes.

the General. Belong 7 - mi and 9 - ti section domes from F111. Differences - the small speed of reaction and low speed. This class allows to land most reliably and safely. What best of all suits beginners.

High. Belong 9 - and squared section domes from ZP. These high-class domes, have a high speed and considerably big reaction.

the Highest. Belong 9 - and section elliptic domes from ZP. Similar domes have still a high speed and force of reaction to actions of the person.

As for loading, it is defined by a ratio of mass of the parachutist to dome surface area. Is one of important factors. Let`s give an example in calculation: ((Your weight +9kg/0. 45) / S.

of the Characteristic of loadings.

Loading - 0,9-1,3:bezopasny loading recommended by firms - producers. Loading - 1,3-1,5:kupol maneuverable though remains rather safe. Loading - a 1,5-1,8:prizemleniye from a straight line without special dispersal not a lung. Loading - the 1,8-2,0:prizemleniye needs to be carried out only after special dispersal.

There are most important criteria which need to be known in equipment of a parachute. Finally there is a wish to note - be not afraid of a parachute, and it will not frighten you.