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As I began to save money.

Work in budgetary organization, a salary small. At the beginning of a month before a salary it was necessary to borrow constantly a little money, on bread, at acquaintances. Decided to get a notebook of the accounting of expenses in a month, to look on what my money leave.

Passed month, I want to share with the results. My councils for same as I, state employees, therefore somewhere can seem excessive hairsplitting.

Well from obligatory payments not to get to anywhere therefore right after a salary we pay for the apartment, for electricity, phone, the credits, etc. After all this we have about slightly less than a half of a salary. From this sum at once you postpone the one tenth part for contingencies, for rainy day. As you want it call - but postpone. Povertte, without this insignificant sum you will live! But sometime it can strongly help out you.

Later we follow products. It is desirable to take everything in big boxes. It is known that the wholesale is always cheaper. We cease to take a ready freezing in the form of pelmeni, cutlets, zrazas, etc. We buy flour, eggs, forcemeat etc. In an evening off all family it is possible to do semi-finished products which are much more nutritious and are more tasty, factory. And prime cost will be much lower. The main thing - not to be lazy. we Cease to buy

, to tea, buns, candies, biskvitik and t of the item. Tea should be drunk to enjoy its aroma, but not to a vprikusk with candy. Everything that to tea - is harmful and expensive!

Every day you on the way from work come into shop behind bread, milk and as always in passing with products buy a political ethylene package to inform of everything the house. There already you have a decent pile of these packages. During the sovok period of socialism there was nothing shameful in coming to shop with the washed kulechka. Count how many money you waste from - for false shame - the package price we multiply 3 rubles for every day. 30 days in a month, are equal to 90. And if to increase for twelve months it turns out 1080. I do not know how you, it grieves me to spend one thousand for bags. Therefore at me always in a handbag the pure oil-cloth bag for products lies. If for any reason I forget to put a bag for products - I will carry in hands to the house, in shop ocherdny I do not buy a package.

Fruit and vegetables should be bought in the markets, there is an opportunity to bargain. And in the markets give to certain time almost for nothing if new delivery is expected. About it it is necessary to take an interest at shopkeepers and to monitor their schedule. As you reach by

work? If on foot, then how to be told, no comments. Cheap, angrily, it is useful. And if before work far then not to do without travel card. Forget about a taxi if overslept and you are late. Be more responsible!

we Wean in working hours there are chocolates, toffees, to gnaw sunflower seeds, kiriyeshka and t of the item. It is also ruinous and is harmful to a stomach. we Cease to stir

by phone, to call only on urgent affairs. And gossips will call you.

Clothes is updated as required, but not because you got on sale or you strongly liked varnish boots.

Renovation of the apartment - the hands. Big economy in money plus a possibility of creative approach to business.

Here some ways to save your terribly earned money. Be not too lazy, get the home accounts department. Track

the expenses, do not spend thoughtlessly.