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Whether there are dynasties of composers? And even four generations!

Why creative dynasties are quite rare - a question still open. Especially it concerns the musical sphere - not performing, but composer. The unique example of a such miracle is known to much are sons of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Taking into account that Bach had twenty children and he trained them, at home, this miracle doubly which cannot even be imagined. Wilhelm Frideman, Philipp Emmanuel, Johann Christoph Friedrich, Johann Kristian - Bach`s sons who took the worthy place in the history of musical art.

But very few people know about a family Cherepninykh where throughout four generations composers with a world name are born and trained.

Cherepnin Nikolay Nikolaevich (was born in 1873) is the famous Russian composer. Was born in St. Petersburg, in a family of the famous physician, personal doctor Fyodor Dostoyevsky. As well as to many musicians in the 19th century, to it at first it was necessary to graduate from the St. Petersburg university (law department).

Then time for the St. Petersburg conservatory where Cherepnin was trained traditionally on two classes came: compositions and piano. In the same place taught, having based the Russia`s first class of conducting (he taught Sergey Prokofiev). Was the chief conductor Diaghilev`s Russian seasons in Paris for which two ballets were composed.

It is necessary to tell that he was married to the singer, nee Benois (from the glorified family of artists) therefore many events and Cherepnin`s works were connected with art creativity: statement, joint with Benois and Fokin, at the Maryinsky Theater of the ballet Armida`s Pavilion (Anna Pavlova danced), music to To the Alphabet in pictures Benois. Cherepnin is called Russian impressionist its music is correlated to K. Monet`s painting, O. Renoir, Century. Borisov - Musatova.

After revolution N. N. Cherepnin left St. Petersburg; worked in Tiflis, then emigrated to France. Was one of founders and the director of the Russian conservatory in Paris. Dreamed of homecoming, did not accept the French nationality.

Cherepnin`s creativity always was in the course of the Russian tradition, it is visible even according to names of works: symphonic poems The Captivated kingdom according to the Russian fairy tales, The Fairy tale about Ulybu`s tsarevna Marya Morevna Goldfish imagination From end to end according to F. Tyutchev, operas Vanka is the key keeper according to F. K. Sologub and Matchmaker according to A. N. Ostrovsky, the oratorio Circulation of the Virgin on torments (it is carried to the highest samples of the Russian sacred music), processing of ancient singsongs for the Parisian Sergiyevsky farmstead.

N. N died. Cherepnin in 1945, having left behind more than 60 works. And also son Alexander.

Cherepnin Alexander Nikolaevich (1899-1977) - the Russian composer and the pianist. With music basics studied earlier, than the alphabet. Began to study still in Petrograd, graduated from already Parisian conservatory. Was the director of the Shanghai conservatory (in the same place married the Chinese pianist), worked also in Japan. Trained several famous composers and just exerted a great influence on the Chinese and Japanese music. He was even called the founding father of modern Japanese music!

Then A. N. Cherepnin moved to the USA where he taught composition at De Paule`s university in Chicago. Nevertheless, his creativity is referred to the phenomenon of the Russian musical culture. Distinctive and peculiar feature of music of A. N. Cherepnin is use of folklore motives - mostly Russians, but also both Georgian, and Chinese. Came with tours to the USSR.

Alexander Nikolaevich Cherepnin`s heritage is made by three operas (among them Ol - Ol according to L. Andreyev), five ballets (including Trepak Shota Rustaveli Chasm according to L. Andreyev), symphonies (at a premiere of the First in the USA it was necessary to call the police - the public rebelled from sounds of percussions), piano concerts, cantatas, choruses, romances. And also three sons.

Two sons of A. N. Cherepnin - Ivan Aleksandrovich Cherepnin (1943-1999) and Sergey Aleksandrovich Cherepnin (river of 1941) became composers, having continued this unusual dynasty which in itself is already world sensation.

Their creativity already within the western tradition of musical composition that is not surprising. Sergey Aleksandrovich not only composes music, but also professionally was engaged in synthesizers. Ivan Aleksandrovich who was born in Paris is world famous as the author of the post-modernist of electronic music. Won the most prestigious musical award.

I. A. Cherepnin left behind a set of works. And also two sons: Stepan and Sergey. It is terrible to tell, but Stepan Ivanovich Cherepnin (Stefan Tcherepnin) who was born in 1977 already publicly executes the works in the USA...