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How to get rid of an unpleasant smell from a mouth?

the Unpleasant smell from a mouth to some extent pursue the most part from us. Here precisely, that person who did not face this problem is happy. It would seem, such trifle, and can damage to both career, and private life. Visits to the stomatologist not always help to get rid of a galitoz. Just the reasons at this misfortune, as a rule, a little.

One of the reasons - inept care of an oral cavity . It seems we brush teeth every day, well, or not everyone as it turns out, but further it business usually does not go. A toothbrush, of course, it is fine, but it cannot clear a mouth completely. Microbes and bacteria remain in language, between teeth, on gums. They, eating proteinaceous food, allocate waste in the form of sulphurous connections - hydrogen sulfide etc. And who does not remember from a school bench as smelled sweet hydrogen sulfide at chemistry lessons? Add to it periodontosis, and it becomes simply impossible to communicate with the person possessing it a fragrant bouquet.

Other reason of putrefactive smells - problems with zheludochno - an intestinal path . The food which is carelessly chewed, used alternately (cutlets with hlebushky and a cake for a dessert, and then still beer ) too over time will have an effect. Intestines have property to accumulate the kalovy stones which are formed as a result of such food they in turn slow down advance of waste to an exit, fermentation, rotting, smells begins. What intestines is it seems far from a mouth does not stir them close connection. You do not trust - read special literature.

So, considering all aforesaid, we will try everything - will get rid of an unpleasant smell from a mouth. After cleaning of teeth carefully rinse a mouth . Use special threads for cleaning of interdental spaces . Surely you clean language , for this purpose use either a special brush, or a spoon. The clean finger wound by a gauze however, too will approach. Having removed a raid from language, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Use also rinsing by vegetable oil , it is desirable house. This recipe came from Tibet, and there bad was not advised. Vegetable oil extends all dirty trick from your mucous, besides, such rinsing, strangely enough, purifies blood, it is connected besides with ability of oil to absorption. You rinse 15 minutes and you spit out, surely you rinse a mouth water, it is strictly forbidden to swallow of such oil. I, considering smoking and chronic tonsillitis, noticed effect after 3 procedures. It is recommended to rinse 2 times a day, and do not swallow of " at all; fulfilled oil , spit out and rinse a mouth. Sglatyvaniye, judging by books, it is fraught with the most severe poisoning. Itself did not check and to others, I think, is not necessary.

One more effective recipe checked in practice, rinsing of a mouth and throats hydrogen peroxide solution . You take 3 - x percentage solution of peroxide and in a proportion 1:1 you part with water. Then you rinse it a mouth, several minutes are desirable. If you have periodontosis, peroxide will pinch from time to time and foam a little, but believe, it is worth it, in several weeks of application disappears and began to smell, and periodontosis. If at the same time the throat, rinsing is a little bit inflamed by the diluted peroxide will help to cope also with it.

It is possible to rinse a mouth a peppermint, caraway seeds ordinary, an ice-hole bitter . Herbs fill in with boiled water (1 - 2 spoons of a grass on a glass of boiled water) and use 4 - 6 times a day. It is possible to rinse and is more often. The people still knowing recommend to eat as much as possible apples . Both clear a mouth, and intestines, and its state influences freshness of breath too. And of course, if you have caries, do not neglect the help of experts, and your breath will become pure as at the child.