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How with guarantee to fail negotiations with the potential partner?

you come to negotiations in full confidence that on the other side of a table there is a good person, moreover is your friend, and his aspirations same, as at you.

You are late for about fifteen minutes and rush into the room, panting. Your suit is crumpled, and on a tie - a fat spot, and it is visible that it not is fresher. When you take seat on a chair, your trousers bare not only socks, but also a skin strip over them (very hairy strip). Your shoes are badly cleaned and simply old. Besides, they are made of skin very much, very old dermantin who died a natural death about the next sekond - a hand.

You explain the delay with family problems, and do not forget to roll up eyes up and to tell tragicly: Oh, these women! Well and you understand me! . And right there you show the photo of the wife and children, sighing that old feelings leave, and insistence of a family - increases.

You in detail tell it everything, as for the transaction, describe all pluses, and, above all - minuses because minuses occupy you most of all.

You tell that you can have difficulties with search of the expert of the necessary qualification without whom implementation of the project will be impossible. But right there you add that the expert in mind is, however, he works for the competing company at present, however, there is a hope to entice him, having interested in a big salary.

You absolutely honestly state all problems of your company, beginning from difficulties with crediting (you were mistaken, making business - the plan, and the bank refused issuance of credit - you do not forget to tell about it in the form of an amusing joke too) is and is the reason for which you go on this transaction; and finishing with a problem with the personal secretary which gathered in a maternity leave, and you do not represent with whom to replace it.

You report about what benefits will be received by your company if negotiations end successfully, and the transaction will be made.

You admire the laptop of the interlocutor and say that you always dreamed to buy something like that and even you know that the laptop / at could be bought for ridiculous money - $200. However, it will be almost electric typewriter, but very compact. So as soon as you will have $200 superfluous, you surely buy such unit - looks nicely and it is possible to carry with itself.

You say that at present your company experiences certain financial difficulties which are connected with several recent unsuccessful transactions - you were deceived by suppliers, buyers, partners. You are interested - whether your interlocutor has familiar lawyer specializing in the economic right. The lawyer of the corresponding specialization very much would be useful to you, you soon should appear the defendant in a number of claims in Economic court - you report about it to the interlocutor too.

You abuse the employees who, in - the first, are incompetent, and in - the second, do not wish to work for that salary which you pay them. However, you pay two months nothing as to pay there is nothing. But you promised salary increase - and all of them equally in something are dissatisfied!

You abuse the partners with whom you worked until recently. You tell how dishonourably they treated you. Now your partners opened other firm - without you! - and it competes with your company. You are interested again in the familiar lawyer because dream of all your life - to file a lawsuit against dishonourable partners what you honestly speak aloud about.

You honestly admit that this transaction is very necessary to your company. Moreover, it is vital! It appears if the transaction is not made, then competitors can drive your company out of the market.

Offering a noa - Hau, you notice that the patent is not taken out yet, and paperwork for its receiving is not even begun. Moreover, you never faced problems of patenting and do not know whom to address. You ask council and forgive to recommend specialists in patents.

You ask your interlocutor - whether he had to face problems in the tax inspection. Perhaps, he knows how to make so that check tax which takes place in your company at present went without problems? Perhaps, your interlocutor is aware - who needs to bribe and in what size?

You tell that you are going to change ten years the car which was bought already at respectable age of 7 - 8 years, but all do not reach hands in any way, and, above all - the new car is too expensive, and to buy / at - so at you already such is.

You suggest your interlocutor to transfer negotiations where - nibud to an easy situation where it is possible to drink something stronger than coffee. It will relax you, and you will be able to state in more detail all nuances of the transaction - quite so you motivate desire of informality of negotiations.

You report that you know one quite good institution here round the corner where everything rather cheaply moreover it is possible to talk quietly. However, there quite loud music in " style; boom - boom but it is even good - nobody will overhear what he there is a speech about.

On it negotiations can be considered safely ended. The result is achieved - they are failed with a quality assurance. Of course, at a certain talent it is possible to add some more points to above-mentioned, but in general it is possible not to worry - the transaction will not take place. If your interlocutor - not the businessman takes place, so.