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What the movie - " is; Candy ?

I as soon as it survived in this movie? Survived now to die?

I paid attention To this imperceptible guy in the movie Humpbacked mountain where it played neither more nor less the gay. And now the disk with the movie " fell of me into hands; Candy where Heath Ledger played already the addict. About the movie I heard earlier and here to look at business did not reach in any way. And here suddenly unclear what winds to addicts brought this ode to me.

Yes, there is a lot of the movies devoted to drug addiction. Yes, many of them are interesting. But not everyone is truthful. It I about those cliches it seems if the addict, means has to die . It not absolutely so. In most cases, of course, and happens, and I should not explain to you why. But here cinema often loses sight of the fact that it on eyes - does not ask, but exists in reality, and therefore and has the right to become well-known and to be made public, not important, what way. Let it will be cinema, music, the book, or something there still. Sense not in presenting us with a fait accompli that only some there absolutely small percent doing drugs survives. The sense is in dipping us there where none of us were yet, and to force our nerves to twitch in spasms of rejection of the unknown.

Coming back to the movie: I would carry this cinema to - as I call them - heavy . These are not those movies after which viewing you forget about all what was seen at all and like a dog you come up on the coast of the life in only a few minutes. No. These are movies after which sometimes you begin to identify yourself with his heroes unconsciously. These are movies which force you to dive deeply, and then show how far to a surface.

He is an addict, respectively she is an addict. They lead carefree life and catch a high in each lane of the infinite life. They enjoy everything that they have, and on what they do not have, they do not pay attention. They enjoy all what they, perhaps, will have. They built for themselves - this heroin hammer and these cocaine nails - a real paradise. Nobody can give them advice because councils do not reach paradise.

But with each dose paradise becomes for some reason lower, it falls and falls, and already very soon that life about which they forgot rushes into a door. Drugs, money, money, drugs. This circle becomes isolated, and also that begins not to be enough for them and another. Candy, as you already understood, is a main character. And here Candy No, perhaps, is not present, here I will stop, I do not want to pass to banal retelling of a plot, it is better look.

If you decided to enjoy director`s work, then, probably, you all - should find to yourself some other movie. Well, say, Turn Oliver Stone or well who knows that else. Here it is enough shooting - simple, but with taste. The main thing what really it is worth paying attention to, is an acting. Just potryasno! However, Heath Ledger did not by hearsay know of what it - to be an addict. Why was ? Because this year at the age of 28 years this guy died. Sharp intoxication. - to judge suicide or accident not to me. Nevertheless the fact remains.

I to you here that I will advise. Buy a beer small bottle, come home, settle more conveniently and include the movie. And let nobody will be near, except your thoughts and emptiness of that life which there led Candy and Dan, Dan and Candy. The movie is only two years old, and to similar destinies - decades. Drugs are not an illness and even not poison. It is a way of life. And everyone chooses for himself as to it to live. And having made this choice once, to return back already or it is impossible, or it is extremely difficult.

The movie equaled all my hopes and entered into a stupor at the next three o`clock. Pleasant viewing.