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How the guide in summer camp to improve the relations with the workmate?

you were carefully prepared for the forthcoming shift: attentively and thoughtfully read useful literature, several times crucially examined contents of the suitcase and took everything only necessary. And, of course, you stay in excellent mood, with impatience expecting arrival of children

But here you arrived to camp. The administration (most likely, the deputy director for educational work) distributes newcomers of leaders on couples (sometimes to the three) on concrete groups.

And here it - unexpectedly sad moment - you are put in couple with the person whom you see for the first time. But do not hurry to be upset! Yes, it is better to work (more simply) together with the girlfriend or, at least, the person whom you know long ago. But also with the stranger, the stranger it is possible to work well together well too .

So, here it (your workmate) - before you. Her name is Katya Ivanova.

From this point at you is from a half to two days before arrival of children to get acquainted and work well together. Remember

: as soon as in visibility limits one child from your group will appear at least, you with the workmate become one team taking of each other the hint.

So that you have to make before arrival of children. After show you the room in which you will live (well, if together with the workmate), begin to do two things at the same time: to unpack things and to get acquainted.

1. Talk to the workmate and ask questions! Learn not only that, as for work (how many changes there was in camp, which time in it with what age worked earlier that is able to do - to sing, dance, draw etc.) but also that, as for the identity of your workmate (her habit, favourite and unloved dishes and a hobby). Health can and has to become separate and very important subject for conversation. Tell each other about chronic diseases and allergies (if you have them) - you never know can happen on change!

2. Decide on duties. you are able to dance

and can put dance with children, and your workmate graduated from art school therefore she with ease will help children to issue an otryadny corner etc. Who is engaged in your couple in finance, who creativity, who discipline, who communication with parents?. It is desirable to solve all this in the first day.

3. Develop the rules of communication.

the Main: not to swear and not to sort out the relations at children; not to cancel and not to depreciate decisions and teams of each other, not to discuss the identity of the workmate or her acts with children and it is bad not to let children speak about her; to cover each other, to warn the workmate about absences or problems. You can add the which will help to avoid quarrels and the conflicts to these rules.

4. If there are time and an opportunity, play. Will approach those games where you have to understand each other (a crocodile or understand me ), to guess thoughts ( immersion ) to do something together: for example, to jump through a jump rope together. Or here still task: join hands, and free (your left, its right) cut paper, tie laces etc. of

Good game for acquaintance I never . You have to have many uniform objects: pebbles, buttons, candies or nutlets. You begin: I never flew by " plane;. If the workmate flew - her a subject. She speaks: I never worked with the senior group . You worked - take a subject. No - do not take. Task: to gather more objects, than the workmate. At the same time you learn about each other more.

Success of work on change in many respects depends on the first contact, conversation in the first evening. Do not try to seem better, than you are: in 21 days of cohabitation and work all the same everything will become obvious so safely you speak about the advantages, shortcomings and addictions and try to cause the same trust in the workmate.

And always you remember: your workmate as any person, deserves attention and respect! If you with it are in good relations, no external circumstances will be able to spoil to you change.