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You know where there is Hell? On the Cayman Islands!

you do not trust? Then rise aboard rather - we go to fascinating cruise to the island the Big Cayman.

I want to warn At once: to get on the coast, we should leave the vessel on raid, and to change the small local boat - only thus it is possible to moor to the coast. The bottom is covered with coral reeves therefore not to approach the ocean liner the mooring on shoal.

The big Cayman himself also is the huge, rendered habitable by people reef of 196 square kilometers and 24 meters high above sea level. On the island there is a capital and even own airport, but there is no uniform river or at least a lake. (But at all not for this reason islanders trade in t-shirts with an inscription: Welcome to Hell! .)

It is the real pearl of the Caribbean Sea with fine opportunities for scuba diving: because of absence on the island of the rivers sea water kept crystal purity and transparency, and, plunging into these waters as if you are included in the underwater fairy tale - the world of tropical fishes, corals and the sunk ships But here, actually, and the boat approached.

Carefully go down on a ladder, do not stumble, bend down the head, you pass inside, take seats, you can rise by the open deck - there too are seats and the beautiful view of the sea opens. The trip on the boat will occupy minutes ten, and you can enjoy sea wind, the sun and fast run a katerka. Inhale a full breast this infinite purity of air

Well, here, you see what here the small mooring some even provincial. We leave slowly and orderly, to us already sailors offer hands. So, we ashore. Hurrah!

The island is in possession of Great Britain, therefore, all freely express in English what and to you I wish. Inhabitants to tourists are hospitable because tourism actually feeds the island - nearly 75% of GDP is an income from tourism. (But the hospitality of islanders speaks not only mercantile interest - they are just pleasant people. And as it is possible to be unpleasant, living here!)

Houses of locals of a raskinuta widely, freely, gardens are bordered with oleanders and filled in with the sun. On the island the magnificent botanical garden where rare species of orchids and different other treasures of flora are collected is located.

To go to us no more, no less, and exactly 7 miles. Why? Because the Seven-mile Beach exactly on so many was also stretched. It is one of the most considerable sights Big Kaimana.

Having gone out of the car, it is possible to take a view of all this beauty.

The White Ribbon of the beach, being bent by a semi-oval, leaves us to the left - to a small toy parokhodik on the horizon - our ship. The sea is gentle: light-green shades mix up with soft turquoise... And it is far - far a smooth surface And at legs the edge of water quietly moves. Unusually beautifully and quietly.

And here - as from heaven on the guilty earth - the driver calls us to Hell. We are grouped, go, and after a while it joyfully announces: Arrived, here you can have a rest, here - mail: it is possible to send a card home or to friends, and over there, round the corner, there Hell . It is a high time to think of caducity of our life the Way to Hell is not wide

and is not narrow, and is quite spacious for small group of tourists. The path under a wooden flooring passes into submoscow current with a balcony. Having come to a balcony, you fade on the place: around, ahead, below - generally, everywhere persist in in terrible poses it is black - ashy outlines of some ugly figures - a calcareous formation which looks awful really. And below there is in pools muddy water brr! Terribly, but impresses.

So, we leave from here, at the exit it is possible to buy a fair t-shirt: Was in Hell and returned! .

Well, after such show there is a wish for something simple and clear.

Can visit a turtle farm where breed special sea green turtles whose meat is considered a refined delicacy and it is exported abroad. On a farm the big pool in which the huge number of these slow creations swims is located. It is possible to reach a hand and to stroke an armor or to be photographed against the live turtle lake.

In 1503 the Big Cayman visited Columbus. Whether it so liked turtle soup, whether turtles was here those years probably - is invisible, but this seafarer and christened the island: Las Tortugas (that in Spanish means Turtles ) .

Then in 70 - x years of the 17th century of the island were transferred to England and Tortuga was renamed in the Big Cayman (the cayman is a kind of an alligator). But the kolumbovsky name still occurs on the island and it can be met on packings of cakes for which the Big Cayman is famous. We can visit a bakery which is located just on our excursion route. You feel aroma? We almost came. Cakes are on sale hermetically packed so they can be brought home as a memorable souvenir.

In well-known Stingrey - city you can swim for a while together with big gladkospinny slopes. Speak, this unforgettable feeling. But personally I am afraid of them.

It was necessary only to look at the well-known shelly house - a peculiar symbol Big Kaimana. However, inside we will not glance because it is a private property, but it is allowed to photograph it. At first sight - well the house as the house. There is to itself in the middle of a lawn a beautiful pink lodge. Only having got accustomed, it is possible to sort that walls of the house are decorated in hundreds of big sinks. Such twisted, you know? They - that also give to a structure pink color. In front of the house there is a small stand with history of its construction. The house quite old and, it seems, with ghosts. Well, so there it is told, at the stand.

Well, it is time to come back to the vessel. On the way to port we pass by the old house which is most remained on the island. He is more than 100 years old, but he looks it is quite modern, and there live people.

So, our excursion on one of the Caribbean pearls came to an end. I bought a big wooden pink sink, and it hangs now at my place. It is pleasant to look at it and to remember the sun and the sea Big Kaimana.