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What king became famous thanks to the wives?

the English king Henry VIII from a dynasty of the Tudor dynasty had a nickname the Blue Beard. One of the remarkable parties of his life were love affairs. It concerned women consumer with ease changing one for another.

The king was married six times. Of course, on love, or at least on big sympathy. What to do when around there are so much charming ladies?! The destiny of his spouses is learned by the English school students by means of the phrase divorced, executed, died, divorced, executed, worried . Each of wives left the mark in the history.

To bring so many wives, the king had a set of the reasons: he wanted to have the son and the successor of a throne, to maintain good relations with other countries, to become richer and is more influential and, of course, to find somebody and to fall in love. For this purpose he also needed to marry the whole six times!

Having ascended in 18 years to a throne, young Heinrich at once married the daughter of the king of Spain and the widow of the elder brother Artur Ekaterina Aragonskaya. She was more senior and is wiser than it and often gave advice on a country government. They were married 18 years and had the daughter Mary. Heinrich was haunted by thirst of the successor, besides he had a new hobby - a certain Anna Boleyn. All this became reason that he decided to divorce. When the Pope refused to agree to divorce spouses, Heinrich tore all the communications with Rome and itself made himself the head of Anglican church.

After divorce he married Anna Boleyn, the daughter of one of the dignitaries, the count Thomas Boleyn who contrary to expectations also presented to it the daughter. Their love lasted two years, after feeling passed, and Anna bothered the king. Besides Heinrich meets a new subject of the passion - Jane Seymour, the desire to possess it forces the king to ask divorce from Anna. But the wife, as ill luck would have it, does not give it therefore Henry VIII finds other way to find freedom - accuses Anna in connection with other men. So, after three years` marriage Anna Boleyn was beheaded. And 11 days later Heinrich married for the third time!

Jane Seymour was from an old noble sort and was one of maids of honor Anna Boleyn. She presented to it the weak boy Edward, itself died at the time of delivery. Doctors were faced by a question: to rescue the woman or the child. What the king answered: Rescue the child, and I will be able to get women as much as necessary . At the same time Jane was a beloved wife of Heinrich, and he could not recover from loss two more years before again marrying.

The king needed the new queen. He saw a portrait of the German princess Anna Klevskaya and decided to marry her, even without having looked! But when they met, the girl was not pleasant to the king at all. Henry VIII called it a horse, but could not violate the promise made earlier and took it in the wife. However, their marriage lasted only half a year. All this time the king did not even touch it, and therefore the girl was sure that to execute a conjugal duty is to join hands and to wish each other good night. However with ease having agreed to divorce, Anna managed to keep the friendly relations with the king who provided it comfortable life.

Anna Boleyn`s cousin Ekaterina Howard became his following wife. She was only 16 years old while to Heinrich - 49! But the young beauty could not be true, being lost in contemplation of other men. Soon the king found it and, having accused her of change, ordered to behead the same as once Anna.

The next year he married in the last sixth time. Ekaterina Parr became his queen. She was married already twice, but both of its previous the husband died. It was madly in love with the brother Jane Seymour of Thomas, but so was afraid to refuse to the king that agreed to a marriage. At that time Heinrich already became very thick and sick. And Ekaterina had to be to it more nurse, than the wife. When Henry VIII died, she immediately married Thomas of Seymour.

Well, not to us to judge whether the king Heinrich XVIII was so awful. Perhaps, it was just very amorous and could not do anything with such passion which, as we know, is very changeable. Perhaps, it also was the cause of so many marriages and the broken destinies. Who knows?! However it is safely possible to declare that Heinrich is obliged by the glory to the wives.