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As I left off smoking.

Now to me thirty five years, from them years I smoked fifteen. Thoughts, about what should be left off smoking came from time to time. It was already adjusted on treatment under hypnosis, thought that I am a heavy smoker, and only by means of hypnosis I will be able to get rid of drug addiction. You, likely, know what is the chain smoker. It is the smoked apartment and clothes. Everywhere stocks of cigarettes, ashtrays, lighters, God forbid I will be left without them more than 10 minutes. It is yellow complexion, small wrinkles, yellow fingers and teeth. And how the smoker behaves on the street? To smoke on the run as men, I do not have enough conscience though other women easily smoke. But I can come into an entrance of the nearby house and there smoke, or hide in sickly bushes, or round the corner at home. You such see every day. what

A harm is done to internals! We just do not see it. If you want, you can look, compare lungs of smokers and not smokers on the Internet.

Once on the Internet I came across Allen`s book Kara, the Easy way to leave off smoking. Without interest and inspiration began to read it. As hurried for work read selectively, pieces. And here flying to work and already there at work I realized that I gave up smoking. Something turned over in my head, in my consciousness. I already had to run in a smoking-room twice, but something stopped me from this step. Having fulfilled I came home and again Kara sat down at Allen`s book and began to read it attentively. Thirst for smoking was not, and just easy panic, my brain, my hands and lips were in perplexity - why I do not do what they got used to. My child, well not absolutely already the child of 16 years came home. I shy and uncertainly told it that I left off smoking. To me in reply - the smile supposedly cannot be it. In confusion buried in the book again. The desire to smoke was not, but self-confidence was gone - where to me to leave off smoking. There was a wish to smoke from disappointment, but in the book there are a lot of useful tips, I overcame myself, having read slightly - slightly went to bed. Gathering for work in the morning, remembered that I not the smoker, the mood was lightened and I proud of myself went to work. Seeing on the street of the smoking women, I thought, It does not concern me. It not mine. During the working day there were two or three attacks of panic which quickly pass if to inspire in themselves that nobody died, having left off smoking, and those died who did not throw. I do not smoke the second month, awfully I am proud of myself. People, leave off smoking, you will respect yourself and you will achieve bigger.