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You want to prepare simply, quickly and it is useful? Then the convection oven is for you!

Still quite recently I only timidly glanced at a small recess in the next shop where were exposed strange electric not pans, not double boilers. In principle, advertizing impressed them me at once. I wanted long ago something like that that the scorching heat - cooked because time, as always and as at all, is not enough eternally.

Frightened off, however, ambiguous responses on the Internet and rather high price. But all - curiosity won. And here one fine day I became the owner of one of latest models of a convection oven. After a week of continuous use understood obvious advantages .

1. Above a convection oven it is not necessary to be, as above a plate. You load everything on lattices, into pots, into saucepans, you put the program and it is free! When prepares, the timer will inform on it an importunate tweedle.

Process of preparation becomes several times simpler. Cutlets and meat on lattices are fried at once on both sides, in soup put all products at once. The scum is not formed. If it is necessary to try or all - to turn, you open a cover, you do that it is necessary, you close, and the device continues to work according to the set program.

2. The food cooked in a convection oven is more useful to health and a figure, than prepared on a plate or in a microwave. As the unit prepares, blowing in products streams of the heated air, the maximum of vitamins and useful substances remains, oil for frying is not required. From prepared on a lattice of meat, chicken, fish, fat is melted that considerably reduces their caloric content and will relieve us of excess cholesterol.

3. Fine tastes that is reached thanks to so-called to effect of the Russian " furnace;.

It would seem, the enthusiastic description consists of one pluses. But, however, allow to carp and dig out - in a miracle - equipment a couple of shortcomings .

1. Sizes. Be defined before purchase where you will put acquisition because the unit will occupy a considerable piece of your kitchen space.

2. Yes, on a convection oven it is really possible to prepare practically any recipe, but nevertheless it is better to prepare some of dishes on a traditional plate or in an oven. So, the chicken fried in the first evening - a grill on beer perfectly turned out, and the meat made next day in French at all dried. Pies on lattices turn out just an objedenye, but never at me it turned out to bake pie or cake in shape. Well the bottom, and all is not baked thoroughly at them here! It is necessary to overturn.

Generally, and the Russian saying about taste and color works here. Of course, if dimensions of your kitchen and a purse allow to get and conveniently to place a double boiler, the smoking shed, the yogurt maker, the bread machine, a toaster, and still a couple of kitchen devices, then you were lucky. But if you have to combine all this in one device, then a convection oven - just for you.

At our place from the moment of purchase it is not necessary without work of any day. All its possible functions, such as preparation on couple, a grill, cooking of porridges, roasting - me are already tested. Even the husband shows interest to a miracle - equipment. Fries eggs in the mornings. Directly on a plate.

So, in my opinion, this a miracle - an oven - a thing very necessary, on it it is possible to prepare easily many different dishes, even a shish kebab, to sterilize the jars for house preparations, and also it is possible to dry both greens, and mushrooms, and fruit!