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What cloth to lay on a table on a New Year`s holiday?

Year past quickly, so soon New Year`s and Christmas holidays. Show-windows of shops and facades of houses will decorate with garlands from fir-tree branches, multi-colored balls and spangles soon. The smell of tangerines and a holiday will soar in air.

Of course, you already know with whom to spend these holidays and how to make them cheerful and unforgettable. At everyone the plans, however at all in these holidays the house will be full of guests. Each hostess tries to prepare very much something tasty that the table broke. But sometimes in vanity of the hostess forget about one of the most important attributes of a holiday table - about a cloth.

It would seem, the trifle, however carelessly picked up cloth spoils feeling of a holiday. On the other hand, not the richest, but accurately laid and with taste the issued table leaves good memories. Both the general view of a table, and mood of people which at it will gather depends on a cloth.

A beautiful cloth in the house - a sign of refined taste of owners. The cloth and napkins are a basis of table layout and its ornament at the same time. To each table the cloth is necessary. Therefore here such variety of the choice is presented: round, rectangular, oval, color and monophonic, embroidered. To destination cloths share on tea, lunch, banquet, interior, table and others. There are cloths everyday and festive.

Most of all are suitable for especially solemn events snowy - white cloths. Besides on a white cloth any vessel perfectly looks. For tea drinking or food bright color cloths, and will be suitable for a country table or picnics - bright cotton cloths with drawings.

The cloth will become a fine background of the New Year`s festive atmosphere. It should be added several strokes only. This evening choose a cloth - maxi which falls down down. If you did not manage to get the cloth which is specially decorated for New year in shop, you can independently decorate that which you have, an openwork embroidery or thematic applications. The main thing is small details. Place the transparent vases filled with New Year`s balls, fir-tree branches, a rain on a table scatter on a cloth of a spangle and confetti. You are convinced that the table served thus will become guarantee of your good mood on New Year`s Eve.

Color of a cloth can be picked up on the taste, it is possible - under a room interior where there will be a holiday table, and it is possible - being guided by purpose of a cloth and color of ware. If you choose a cloth, considering color scale of the room, then there are two options: the cloth can or be in harmony, or, on the contrary, contrast with it. If you the adherent of classics also want to create a uniform color space, then choose a cloth in relatives to color of wall-paper and furniture tones. If you want to make a holiday table bright and as color - safely choose rooms of color, contrast with an interior.

Cloths can be made of various material. In a servirovaniye of a table linen cloths are considered as classics. However flax has a number of shortcomings. Much more practical is cotton. A certain lack of absolutely natural cotton cloth is what when washing is possible to lose to 10 percent from its size.

By the way, cotton in which there are about 20 percent of additives is considered absolute (viscose, lavsan, etc.) . The cloths made of the mixed fabrics - from polyester mix with viscose are considered as the most practical. Optimum composition of such fabric: 50 - 70 percent of polyester and 50 - 30 percent of viscose or cotton. Cloths from the mixed fabrics have permanent coloring and are a little rumpled.

Elegant option is use of two cloths at once: the main, lower cloth, is bigger by the size and hangs down for table edges approximately on 25 - 35 cm, and the top, smaller cloth, can cover only a surface of a table or hang down slightly from it. It is possible to pick up colors of the main and top cloth for the principle or similarities, or contrast. It is possible to get the lacy or embroidered cloths which will become a highlight of your room.

Except that the cloth is necessary attribute of a cosiness and ornament, it is and was always a desired and necessary gift for each hostess. Considering that New year and Christmas already on a nose, do not forget to prepare gifts to the relatives and family.

Successful to you purchases. And also cheerful New Year`s and Christmas holidays and there are as much as possible friends at the holiday table!