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How to be with lonely socks? The theory and practice of fight against a neparnonosochnost of the world

Are opinion that at washing machines there are small black holes and as still nobody cancelled matter conservation law, somewhere in the Universe for certain there are huge areas filled with unpaired socks, and also pens, lighters and keys from apartments... And adherents and adherents of unknown consider that socks are eaten by the terrible Unpaired Noskoyed who is brought in the apartment as a result of wrong the fan - Shuya, but I, frankly speaking, do not see a big difference.

The question of socks burningly concerns each owner of legs. Even here, on ShZh, this subject was already touched by me in the article That the Terrible secret of dirty " socks irritates the woman, or; and Olga Bobrysheva in the remarkable adventurous sketch What is noskido? Fight against the husband`s socks... - but both texts investigate not a problem of lonely socks, but amazing passion of male individuals to rastykivat worn socks on the dwelling.

On the lonely socks found after washing two points of view which depend on a world outlook and psychological features of the owner of socks are: the optimist considers that as a result of washing at him surplus socks was formed by , and the pessimist , on the contrary, suffers from the fact that it was comprehended by shortage .

But, by and large, it has no essential value because emergence of lonely socks anyway requires the solution of the arisen problem:

And) to Leave. Suddenly at the following washing among the next party of lonely there will be couple to someone from left. B) to Throw out, perhaps? All the same couple will not be... In) to Apply them in economy some in a different way. we Will sort

one after another.

The cycle usually begins with state And - to leave and wait that there will be couple. For this purpose the economical hostess in an attack of diligence gets a special sack and gets rid of all lonely socks there. Over time the sack grows, and there comes the moment when dawns on the hostess: it is necessary to check, and can be in this heap there are already happily coincided couples. Sneezing, it pours out a dusty heap and begins to sort in the course of what it is found. that the lucky persons who found the lost couple, only 2 - 3 pieces, and the moth was brought to the others. In irritation raving against fate, it bears all this in a musornik. Thus, the option A sharp jump makes transition to option B then again smooth dialectic accumulation of energy of transition of B begins in And. To throw out - not especially big material loss, socks are inexpensive now, and there is no deficiency on them. But there is a regularity: once you throw out some unpaired sock, right there is its former couple. And it irritates and causes disappointment and other negative emotions, and also slowly displaces balance in favor of point A.

The period of this cycle f can be calculated on a formula


f - an interval of time from one state And to another, ro - a climate constant (influences impurity of socks)

l - time between washings

s - the average cost of pair of

socks an alpha - coefficient of not luckiness of a noskovladelets

t - operating time of the washing machine (washing + an extraction)

from which we see that time between washings increases the cycle period and high cost of socks, on the contrary, it shortens


Whether it is worth suffering so, - solve others. - Perhaps, it is possible to apply somehow lonely socks in life?

I here already open unprecedented open spaces of the imagination.

Is possible from remnants of a cake of soap and a sock (double economy!) to make a disposable device for washing something dirty.

Can unknit socks on threads and to connect polovichka , but expenses of time are obviously disproportionate to the received benefit. to Attach

to a sock a ring and a long stick - the net for collecting of plums will turn out.

Having put on old socks hands, can dust .

Pull socks on sneakers before starting them in the washing machine - they will not rumble so threateningly.

is convenient to to store shoes In old socks that they were not scratched the friend about the friend.

Detny noskovladelets from socks full of holes manage to sew fine doll trousers (to cut off heels and to sew in the place of a cut), but just steam rooms are necessary here if a doll not the clown. to Cut

on bagels and to make of an elastic band for braids .

Can fill them something and to embroider on them terrible and ridiculous muzzles . And so on, and so on.

But the most enchanting council for use of unnecessary socks is to fill a sock mix of the earth and seeds, to suspend, water - and to wait until from there sprouts get! It so was pleasant to me that even wanted to be tried that for ikebana will turn out. It is good to experiment and look what bonsais will turn out from different seeds, but pumpkin or a baobab are better - not to take all...

So, all in our hands. The science does not stand still, life rushes with great strides too and if readers and especially readers prompt me still any interesting decisions, I will be glad...