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Technicians for psychologists and considering themselves by them. You are a psychologist?

The Whole world -

B theater is mute women, men - all actors.

U them the are exits, ukhoda,

I everyone not one plays a role.

William Shakespeare.

What role in this life is played by each of us what is a role whether well we know words. As often we use services of the prompter - destinies. Whether we see the signs sent us, we hear the necessary hints...? I suggest to get acquainted and who knows, to repeat one of the best the technician of psychology which gives answers to very many questions.


The name of equipment - determination of values, and work with personal growth .

the Purpose - to help to deal with mission and calling of the client.

Tasks - 1. Clarification of priorities.

2. " Expansion; consciousnesses.

3. Definitions of in reality

4. Determination of values of life.

complexity Level - 2 of 5.

Technical preparations - paper, the writing subject.

Step No. 1. On each leaf the client writes down on value. (Everyone can have ideas of values. Value, is what is valuable. For someone it is the red car, money, relatives, children, friends, the cheerful song... yes even world peace... It is necessary to direct process. Explain that leaflets can be as much as necessary, but ALL values have to be written down, and It is very important. Usually 20 - 40 minutes are given.)

Step No. 2. The client displays results of the work on importance degree. From above - down. (The most valuable will be from above, and once again emphasize how it is important.)

Step No. 3. Directly equipment is carried out: You go on the boundless, hot desert, and bear with yourself all the values (you point to the spread-out leaflets). But suddenly you are attacked by bandits (pirates, robbers, murderers, the mafioso...) . Also offer you at choice - life or one of values. What will you give? . It is so necessary messages on the desert the client, while he does not have one value or until it decides to give the only and bright life.

Addition to this step - try to ship the person in a situation when he is forced to give the values. By means of visual, audialny, kinestetichesky images show what it will lose, having given this or that. Often on this place the client is emotionally very upset. Technology of deep transformation, be a pro.

Step No. 4. Directly conclusions. Whether this value was worth it to spend for it the life. Whether the client HOW he lives is happy. WHAT needs to be changed. WHEN it does it.

Step No. 5. We close to TOTE (Gestalt). The client continues the travel, and enemies GRADUALLY return it all stolen values.

The general time for equipment - one or one and a half hours.

Is applied on personal consultation, in trainings of personal growth, in Practice of the NLP, the Master of the NLP. It is possible to use on training of Eriksonovsky hypnosis.

Conclusions: Why we live for what and for whom. What we spend for the life and who the owner of our life. There is time to scatter stones, there is time to collect. Whether time to change and change came?