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How to improve skills?

For a variety of reasons before the modern representative of the working population rise a question of increase of the qualification sooner or later. Whether it is connected with desire to earn more, or with hope to receive more interesting position (work, the project) is at whom as it will turn out. One precisely, such state comes even more often and all at the big mass of people.

Well, of course, if you thought of the wellbeing early. So early, as soon as from it there was an advantage. Then your self-improvement from a school bench is put on a stream and goes the uninterrupted line. And if you not such thought-over person, then need of professional development arises suddenly and takes unawares. To you at once, as a rule, for the short period, it is necessary to study in much, and it causes the mass of difficulties.

Where and how to make it that and not to spend much, and from work especially not to distract? How not to do the study harm to family relationship? How to improve skills in necessary volume and at the same time - not in smaller, than it will be required? And, at last, where in general to take money for training?

Of course, the most important question is where to study. Here everything depends on your requirements and requirements of your administration. If it agrees to pay process, then it will choose, as a rule, the place of study. It is necessary to be ready to the fact that it will appear far or the schedule of study will be absolutely incompatible with normal family life. But the result surely will suit the management, and you will avoid a set of efforts on monitoring of opportunities and reliability of educational institution.

If you need to solve a problem without support of your employer, then the level of an institution and its specifics have to be defined only by specifics of qualification and financial opportunities. If you need to correct the knowledge in a concrete field of activity - you should not go to the universities, the seminar or fast courses on the required subject is necessary for you.

The main criterion of the choice - long duration of work. Do not contact the centers existing year and less - their quality assurance still could not be confirmed and the risk of fraud is very big. Yes, be not surprised, fraud in education is developed not worse than other spheres. The sum for a special course can be very impressive, and structure of group - from 5 to 15 people. 3 - 4 groups in a year - also run the decent sum. Practically it is not possible to distinguish the real educational programs and trainings from an idle talk which will give nothing to you, or from the low level of teaching in modern science to the nonspecialist.

A remarkable example is the abundance of the materials devoted to Chaos and Synergetrics here. Recently the courses suggesting to study synergetic methods of planning and the organization at the industrial enterprise were noticed. It while on all GLOBE of experts in synergetrics no more than 20 people, plus as much (can slightly more) on chaos. And here interestingly and actively to argue on such subjects, to see, many can. In this case it is useful to ask at acquaintances and to look at the license for educational activity.

It is even more difficult to check long duration of work if the courses chosen by you virtual. The risk is higher here, but and costs are very insignificant too. All money - payment of a traffic and sometimes small transfers to owners of the program. The problem is in whether your employer agrees to consider the documents received in this way. As a rule - no. However, if the purpose of study was to increase own level of knowledge which you intend to apply in work, but not to be praised before the chief, successfully picked up virtual course - what is necessary. However, self-organization and dedication is required.

It is even simpler to attend courses at large higher education institutions. They, as a rule, value the reputation and put less creative and fashionable, but more reliable courses from which knowledge can be useful to you long time. But also here it is necessary to be more careful. It is quite good to verify structure of teachers of your courses with what is registered at departments of the higher education institution to avoid a setup when the business concern just rents the high school room and has no relation to it. The higher education institution, of course, learns about such activity, and the rent relations will stop, but not suddenly, and swindlers will manage to let out a two-three of streams, having raised money. The easiest way of check - to approach the schedule of higher education institution which usually hangs near dekanatsky premises of faculties and to see all surnames of teaching structure. If acquaintances - more and more or less well found.

And, at last, option if the crust about the higher education is necessary for you. The first it in your life, or you need to be retrained - here does not matter. Of course, you have the right on free the first the highest, but it will be almost impossible to achieve it. Most likely, you will not even pass entrance tests. You hardly so well remember the school program to insist on the. And therefore, prepare for payment of serious money.

As the working person, you can count on the credit, but it is better not to confess that it is necessary to you for study - conditions will be worse. It is better to choose the higher education institutions giving the diploma of the state sample and having all licenses for the name. Pay attention if the higher education institution shows you the license of other higher education institution with the similar name (and sometimes and the same, but located in other city) and claims that it is branch, and therefore it has no license - you are deceived. Each branch always has a license. If insist that it not so, head the higher education institution, most likely, knows nothing about existence of such branch. So, and the diploma will be strange if at all will be. Pay attention and to period of validity of the license. Happens that the higher education institution opened branch for a period of 5 years, then closed, and under this license continues activity someone to higher education institution not known.

Well and of course, try to arrive on correspondence or internally - correspondence (evening) forms of education. It will save to you forces, time and will preserve family bonds. However, patience with the adult student it is required to your members of household much. So patience to you also she is kind!