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Seven wonders of the world. What do we know about them?

B Natural history Pliny Sr., telling about how he separate fragments of a statue of the Colossus of Rhodes in the 1st century, is surprised to the fact that one person could not hold a finger of his hand and such finger was the size more than other statue, and hands and legs of the Colossus on places of a break seemed enormous caves.

During Pliniya Koloss lay where fell once during a destructive earthquake. But even in such look it testified to impressive and frightening greatness of the people which created it. Seven miracles sometimes with people strange things: about 18 centuries later after Pliny gave the description, long-term excavation which purpose were searches of the temple of Artemis in the Hilt, brought the English archeologist J. Wood on a side of physical and emotional exhaustion. Pyramids of course provoked adventurers to uncountable attempts to find gold, gods or a mystical enlightenment. And scuba divers, plunging on the Mediterranean bottom, to this day continue searches of a great beacon in Alexandria. Each of 7 wonders of the world was unique work, a product of some kind of megalomania in architecture, engineering thought and craft of artists. That`s it I also want to tell about these miracles to you.

Pyramid of Cheops in Giza . Till the 19th century nobody managed to create construction which would be compared in size to the tomb created for the Pharaoh of the Fourth dynasty Hufu, or Cheops. Throughout 44 centuries this pyramid 147 meters high remained the highest construction in the world - only 8 meters lower than the UN building in New - York. It would be desirable to know whether will be able though some of buildings or monuments of the 20th century will remain till 6560th year?

Hanging gardens of Babylon . Referring to earlier sources, the Roman historian Kvint Kurtsy (the middle of the first century AD) wrote that trees in Gardens were on average 4 meters in a circle and 16,5 in height. Legends of this fairy forest with trees, similar to towers, and the gardens covered by level roofs rising highly in the sky were told already in the ancient time by the Greek poets decorating with their stories about love of the tsar and his beloved suffering from homesickness. Hanging gardens were considered as Novukhodonosor`s creation 2 (605 - 561 BC) the Babylon tsar, the terrible lord who was visited once by love then - that he also ordered to put the Garden from trees, flowers and bushes for the spouse Amitis (Semiramis) grieving for magnificent greens of the homeland of the Mussel (North - the western Iran).

Zeus`s statue in Olympia . Though the temple is very big, the sculptor can be criticized for not observance of the correct proportions. It presented Zeus sitting, but the head it almost touches a ceiling so the impression is made that if Zeus starts moving and will rise, then from the temple the roof " will fly;. Zeus`s statue was created by Pheidias from gold and an ivory in 430 BC. The statue towered on a stone pedestal on 13 meters, that is was height to the three-storyed house.

Artemis`s temple in the Hilt . Construction of the temple of an era of late classics was begun probably 350 BC. It was really fine creation. Marble steps surrounded the building, the most top passed a terrace 120 m wide the sizes actually of the temple there were 60 X 117 m. Not clearly, whether there was a temple completely covered, or over an internal court yard the roof was not. Inside the colonnade from 127 Ionic marble columns 20 m high which were based upon the modelled quadrangular bases struck a look. Told that columns were gifts of 127 different tsars


the Mausoleum in Galikarnas . It is the majestic construction from white marble which gave the name to many monumental tombs and tombs of next centuries was the only thing from 7 miracles which construction the legend attributes to the woman, Artemiziya, the wife and Mavzol`s sister.

In the basis the mausoleum was rectangular, 33 X 42 m in size. Height of the mausoleum was 46,7 m - that is about the thirteen-floor house.

Colossus of Rhodes . In 305 BC seventy thousand Macedonians under Demetriya Poliokret`s leadership (that the conqueror of the cities " means;) besieged the blossoming city of Rhodes. Only next day the agreement was reached.

Residents of Rhodes sold military equipment and built to the gained money the improbable sizes a statue of the patron - god of the sun, Helios.

The statue was bronze, and from within was strengthened by huge stone blocks and iron cores. The statue was this statue 360 m high definitely was the biggest statue of antiquity.

The Farossky beacon in Alexandria . The beacon first in the history constructed on the architectural project was the last on construction time from 7 miracles. He received the name of Faros on a small island not far from the mouth of Nile on which he was constructed. This beacon in 280 was constructed. The general height, including a subfoundation, was about 128 m that corresponds to height of the forty-storied building.

Faros it was damaged by an earthquake in 956 AD. and more later during 1303 earthquake year and 1323 finally destroyed it, having ruined.