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Mutants, monsters, unprecedented animals: from where they and what for?.

Whether as opposed to the last data about everything the new and disappearing from the face of the earth new animal species and birds, whether for any reasons, but mass media continually bring down recently on our heads messages on unexpected finds mysterious, unknown to neither science, nor the simple people of animals earlier ( neither a little mouse, nor a frog, and the animal " is unknown; )

Well, about Ale - Chupakabras we heard for a long time and already even partly got to like it (with it, chupakabry, that is), understood that except goats and sheep she (he) touches nobody and therefore we are not afraid. Let to himself runs... or runs across periodically from the measurement in ours (so about it speak).

Dead mermaid created a furor in our mobile phones and on the Internet, too many saw. For the first time its pictures were released to the world, allegedly, by the fishermen from Donetsk region who found this being on the river bank in thickets. They shot it with the mobile phone and sent photos to the Internet.

Photos - a fullface, a profile, and differently - differently (under different corners, and from different distance) - of course, impressive and interesting. But soon after the begun sensation filtered data that it is, allegedly, all - a fake - skillfully fabricated by means of genuine fish leather, fins etc. an effigy. And about to the mermaid quickly forgot.

Now in quality unknown animals The Internet to us pushes with uniform constancy some mysterious mutants - the monsters who are allegedly cast by sea waves ashore, besides - huge marine animal size about a small izba (and a look, it is necessary to tell, izbushachy ) also appeared it is unknown in what ways on the coast...

News about monsters as the FOXNews TV company reports, appeared on a nu recently - the York blog Gawker where the people communicate, discussing stuff, and sounds so: On one of beaches New - York found animals of a frightening look unknown to science whom as it is considered, washed ashore from the ocean. The photos presented on the Internet created a furor among the experts who are actively discussing whether these photos are skillful mystification .

Photos of the dead, the unknown animal who already began to decay saw on the Internet, probably, many. A body - as at a dog, but with a mouth of a bird of prey in the form of ominously oskalenny beak Paw it is supplied with a hand and is similar both on frog, and to a human hand. Skin rozovato - brown, without indumentum

Certainly, the people in the World wide web rustled - began to make a racket and various assumptions went what the being " is; Or perhaps it is a sea turtle without armor or a marine animal unknown to science? - guesses fell down. - And suddenly this run away and drowned experimental an animal from the government center for control and research of diseases of the fauna located nearby on the island of Plum?

There were also witnesses seeing one of monsters when he, still zhivyokhonky, walked on the beach, and the local TV company promised to show interview with the photographer who originally imprinted a monster and with the eyewitnesses observing a being personally. Then the corpse of a mysterious being evaporated from the beach in the unknown direction and where - nobody knows.

About the second to an animal which photo is also uploaded to the website, almost nothing is reported. Yes what only you will not make for the sake of sensation! Why and not to stick together a carcass of it monster ? There is a wax museum of Madame Tussauds where dummies are indistinguishable from living people, so why not to bungle similar to them fantastic unknown animals ? And if also to use services of the Photoshop, then it unearthly it is simpler to create creation the soared turnip!

And here again news from Ukraine: In Donetsk region found a terrible creature! Also the photos really not palatable are right there attached. Found terrible creature in one of ponds of Konstantinovsky district (possession of the former collective farm Way of Peremogi ) besides fishermen as the " newspaper reports; Province . They transferred to the newspaper video shot on the mobile phone where as if the character of the horror film, turns and spins in a shot a disgusting monster.

The flat roundish body covered with an armor and a tail - that`s all economy vile monster. Ah and - not all! Under an armor, at a turning of the monster on a back, the numerous moving legs are found. The sizes of an animal are not determined yet. A creature - the monster reminds an animal by name shchiten (from group of zhabronogy). Are considered as Shchitni as one of the most ancient animals on the earth and can comfortably exist in any reservoirs, including pools on all continents, except Antarctica, eating everything that under a hand will get - larvae, tadpoles, etc. Do not disdain also the fellows.

And in the jungle of Amazonia found recently - whom, you thought? New unique species of an ant, so unusual that it at once at once was called Martian ! According to pioneers of these of insects unprecedented earlier, this look very different from other representatives of family separated from the general ancestor muravyyov more than 120 million years ago.

And right there, as if by the way, it is reported that despite regular messages on disappearance of the whole groups of animals, annually scientific all - open types more, than close . Hurrah! Rejoice, fans of animals! If today disappeared from a face of our distressful mother - Earth of species of 10 - 15 birds or some rare species of a tiger - a jaguar, then tomorrow, and can even today, scientists right there will find a new strain of bacteria unknown earlier or a new copy for a collection of the inquisitive entomologist - as in a case with muravyyom - Martian !

And maybe, it will even be possible to be consoled in thought that, despite the microscopic sizes, all ants - high-social animals! Not hukhra - mukhra to you! And Doubting Thomas and just persons interested can go to the museum San - Paulo in Brazil where lonely a muraveyka - Martian (Martialis heureka) is stored in the alcoholized look now.

Well, with muravyyom it is clear! And suddenly and all other above described animals - not mystification, and take place to be ? Scientists something with cloning, a collider (what we also do not know) and other, other subtilize there

So can, where there`s smoke there is fire, and?!