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How to communicate with a cat?

of the Cat since ancient times were considered as an independence symbol. The Cat in itself walks - speak in the people. Elegant, full of self-respect, clean - these animals were esteemed by many people. Egyptians, perhaps, the first appreciated cats.

By the way, Egypt is considered the homeland of a domestic cat. Possibly, at first Egyptians used cats only in the practical purposes. It was connected with the fact that the people of Egypt grew up and stored grain crops. However, soon cats took lawful places in dwellings of Egyptians, and then and in their temples, having passed into the category of sacred animals. Only once cats brought the benefactors, but it is already a merit of Persians Cats were esteemed by Vikings, Romans, residents of ancient Siam. And everywhere cats personified freedom and independence.

Today we though do not esteem cats, but we continue to get and hold them. In the evening, after work when the cat is attached on a lap, comfortably having been curtailed a ball, and will slowly get the simple song, you forget about vanity of day and are pacified. But ask a question and whether you understand the favourite?

Well-known - waves a tail, means it is dissatisfied. Purrs - it is happy. Hisses - do not approach, otherwise will kill! Actually, on a voice, by position of ears and a tail it is possible to recognize much more by eyes. And it is desirable to know it, especially, if you have no experience of communication with cats, of course, if you want to communicate with the pet, but not to hold it as an additional subject of an interior or as a toy for children.

They say that eyes - a window to the soul. Eyes of a cat can tell of much. Stares at something - it is interested, concentrated, do not distract. It is lazy squints - thinks: But not to go to all of you Pupils are expanded, evil eyes, means was frightened of something.

Ears of a cat will tell a lot of things too. If they are pressed and a little are lowered a little - it is ready to attack. The cat will move ears, means listens, calculates . If you caressed a cat, caressed, and then stopped, he, having slightly pressed ears, will show to you discontent, say, do not stint caress.

Tail. On it it is possible to be guided too how to behave with the pet. The tail is lifted and bent in the form of a question mark, the cat welcomes you, and at the same time and questions: Well, to poshamat brought or again forgot? or Where gadded and why tipsy? The Tail fluffed up - now will give hell.

Listen to a cat. Its voice and the made sounds will open a lot of things for you. Shortly mews - greets. Mews repeatedly - missed, got hungry. Average makes a sound on tone, justifies itself, prays for forgiveness sins - there is a sense to glance under a bathtub. Tone of a sound high - is angry or something hurts. The sound low - demands something, tightens miaow - complains.

And to you it is necessary to talk to the pet, here it is only not recommended to shout. All the same nothing will change, and nerves and itself, and to a cat will spoil. And of course, you do not reach a manhandling - weight categories not those. Hands itch - get a bear.

And still. Cats recognize your mood by intonation. However if you persistently repeat some word, associating it with a subject, the cat will remember these accords. For example, the word meat causes a storm of emotions in my cat.

Study the pet, he will study you quickly, and you by all means will seize art of communication with a cat.