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How to learn to see aura?

Modern researchers unknown and the practicing parapsychologists claim that ability aura to see put in each person from the birth, but without gaining developments in modern society, it almost disappears and remains only in embryo.

However any person can develop in himself this ability and during the first trainings already see real result. But for a start it is necessary to formulate what is aura?

Aura - this power field of the person extending out of limits of a physical body to distance from 40 cm to several meters. By the size and a form of aura it is possible to judge both about physical, and a psychological state of the person. Also colors of aura matter, it is possible to determine character and bents of the person by them.

So how it is possible to learn to see aura ? Perhaps it seems to you that it is the mysterious gift which is descended or received at dedication in secret sciences? If you really so consider, then you are deeply mistaken! Ability to see aura is a result of trainings, and only!

For example, for a start it is possible to try to see aura of the hand. Extend a hand and turn a palm to yourself, behind a palm there has to be a uniform light background, also the simple sheet of drawing paper put behind and just uniform finishing of a wall will approach. Now try to look not at fingers, and at space around them. The first complexity - ability to focus a look not on concrete object, and on " consists in it; empty space around it. After a while you will see the certain white luminescence proceeding from a contour of fingers as if a translucent haze. When you saw it, move slightly a palm, and you will notice that this haze moves together with a hand. You can be congratulated! You saw aura!

Of course it is the first step - ability to see only a colourless haze. But at daily trainings your abilities will develop, and you will be able to see aura entirely and in color.

Further you need the partner or a big mirror. Let your workmate will get up against uniformly painted wall, if necessary can hang up the screen on a wall. Then try to focus the look on space around his head and shoulders. It is good if the partner slightly rocks here and there not to confuse actually aura with optical illusion: unlike it, the aura moves together with a body of the person and is attached to it.

Soon you will also see a certain distortion of uniformity of a background around the head of your friend: perhaps, the discharged fog or rays proceeding from a body contour. Pay attention to uniformity of the field: perhaps, you will see holes or outgrowths - these are signs of unhealthy power. In the beginning the aura will be thin and colourless, but later you will be able to distinguish also colors.

On the seen flowers you will be able to learn about thoughts of the person, his character. Here values of primary colors:

Black color means evil thoughts, envy.

Grey - depression, melancholy.

Brown - an egocentrism, pride.

Scarlet - sexual intentions, passion.

Red - strong will.

Pink - softness, condescension.

Orange - openness, sociability.

Yellow - ability to communicate, come into social contacts.

Green - spirituality, tranquility, health.

Blue - the developed intuition and mind.

Blue - the lowered mood, perhaps, thoughtfulness.

Violet - communication with by the highest forces .

Silvery - the healthy developed power and stable mentality.

Gold - the charismatic person capable to lead others.

White - purity of intentions, innocence (meets at children more often).

However values of aurichesky flowers are approximate and can differ from given. Over time you will be able to develop own system.

Train to see the field of plants, animals and just passersby of people! Everywhere: on the way, at work and at lecture there is an opportunity to observe and develop the abilities. Do not stop, and you in perfection will seize skill of vision of aura.