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What is the that? Toy

the Literal translation of the English word toy means doggies in our life toy or entertainment . This term almost around the world it is accepted to designate small breeds of dog.

Historical roots of this breed go to England the 16th century. In the Middle Ages the English dog breeders created groups of hunting medium-sized dogs - terriers. Breed was removed generally for hunting for small rodents and was often used on various competitions on catching of rats. But the government of Britain is already closer to the 17th century forbade carrying out such competition.

Special popularity to this breed came at the beginning of the 19th century when practically all Europe learned about toychik. These kids are so unpretentious that were fallen in love by much. The compact size, unpretentiousness in food, devotion and boundless love to the owner - here not all pluses of this breed.

In Russia these doggies gained recognition approximately at the same time, as in Europe. Crumbs also the rich (to whom they served as decoration of the house), and families whose prosperity was modest loved (as the maintenance of doggies was low-cost). The brisk and fast kid is devoted to the owner, but is mistrustful to strangers that does him excellent " alarm system; for any house. From - for the compactness toychik do not create problems during holiday, a trip on the dacha, the owner can be free in the actions.

Exactly thanks to absolutely small size, them were fallen in love by women of fashion of the 19th century who quite often began to appear in the high society, holding on hands a graceful doggie.

Since then changed little. We even more often can see these charming kids on hands at celebrities, both foreign show - business, and domestic. Crumbs accompany them on secular receptions and parties. Only there is a question - what for? Why to drag an animal on all these actions? Perhaps, having seen enough of Paris Hilton and her chikhu - Hua Tingkerbiella, her many imitators bought to themselves babies and try to pull out also them to the public.

But none of them thought of what to their pets on these noisy, crowded actions. And many do not understand up to the end at all that responsibility which is undertaken, buying a doggie - a crumb. If it is fashionable - it is necessary to take! Many of those who are an owner of toychik used such slogan. But it is cruel to an animal.

The person getting a dog by the principle it is fashionable and therefore I want " too; practically dooms the animal to maloperation, to a pamperedness of the favourite and other negative sides of lack of the correct education.

The person getting a dog for himself, but not on a facade, treats her education and leaving already more responsibly. It is important to remember that the dog is a living being, but not a clockwork toy. It is necessary to look after her, she should be respected, but not to squeeze and drag everywhere. Having got

that is a terrier hardly anyone - that will be able to remain to it indifferent. It should be loved. When you look at the first time in these big devoted eyes, you will fall in love for the rest of life. In them everything causes warm feelings: small size, charming appearance, cheerful nature.

Now not everyone is able to afford a dog of this breed. The prices fluctuate from 1000 to 1500 euros. Expensively. But it is worth it.

Which - that from own experience. I dreamed of a dog of this breed of years 6, likely, and when to me it was presented, my pleasure was not a limit. Now to my Daniel - to Marcel 1 years and 3 months. And yet never during this time I regretted about this gift. It me pleases every day with something and surprises. Having the small size and weight in 1,5 kg, he feels as a big terrible dog, safely rising in defense of the hostess and our apartment. And still he very kind and tender, is always able to regret and lighten mood to all members of my family. But here it is important to note that dogs as well as people, have the character. I met other dogs of this breed, and not all of them were same kind as my dog. Some also bark at the owners, and even bite them. It seems to me that when the dog grows in love, she grows up betrayed and loving the owners, unlike those which grew in aggression and a negative.

If you love the pets, then care for them, and they will answer you with love and devotion. Also you remember: You always in the answer, for those who were tamed! (A. Saint - Ekzyuperi).