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Whether it is possible to present to darling theater?

Igor Petrovich Vladimirov was born on January 1, 1919, 90 years ago, in Ekaterinoslav (Dnipropetrovsk). And 15 years later in Leningrad Alice Freindlich was born. It had the well-known family tree and actors - parents. There are data that artists - glass blowers Freyndlikhov from Germany brought to Russia Peter I.

Vladimirov at first graduated from shipbuilding institute, and then, having been fond of theater, to surprise of parents got second higher education - actor`s. In Igor`s family nobody was interested in theater seriously.

Alice`s parents got acquainted in Leningrad where together attended drama courses of theater of young workers (TRAM). The father became the professional actor, mother forced to bring up the daughter left theater. But little Alice heard talk on theater life since the childhood. The choice of profession for it was predetermined.

After school she graduated in the hometown from theatrical institute it. And. Ostrovsky, the same in which Vladimirov studied a few years ago. When the teacher Boris Vulfovich Sohn saw off young Alice for work in theater of V. F. Komissarzhevskaya, he told it: Alice, you are able to play, sing, dance. Many-sided talent, a sin not to find for all this application for you .

Igor Petrovich and Alice Brunovna knew nothing long time about each other, but then life their itself connected

at the beginning of 50 - x years the chief director of the Leningrad state theater to them. Lenin Komsomol (nowadays Theatre - the " festival; Baltic house ) the promising young director Georgy Tovstonogov was appointed. Tovstonogov is a lot of and willingly gave leading roles to the actor Igor Vladimirov. And though he was an excellent theatrical actor, his works know the few. To most of the viewers it was remembered in the movie Secret of two oceans where created an image of the lieutenant Skvorechni: high, broad-shouldered, with a children`s smile.

Vladimirov begins to put the first performances. They were distinguished by enthusiasm, humour. At this time Alice Freindlich played nearly 4 years in performances which refused other actresses. Remembering the first roles, Freindlich spoke: I terribly worried, to tears that I could not play what I dreamed of. Now I understand that all this to the best. To be the master, it is necessary to endure much .

Coincidence it or destiny, but the last performance Casual meetings in theater of V. F. Komissarzhevskoy Alice Freindlich played under the leadership of Igor Petrovich. It put performances in different theaters and played many of them, Vladimirov was insatiable if business concerned work. But here Igor Petrovich surpassed itself most and made brilliant statement. Alice Freindlich with whom he fell in love at once was the reason for that. Here is how then she will write: I do not know how it was. There was a creative inclination or personal This such rattling and fine mix - and that here prevails

Theater life in 50 - 60 - e in Leningrad raged years. When from theater to them. Lenin Komsomol of Tovstonogov transferred to the Bolshoi Drama Theater (BDT) which had no popularity at the audience, Georgy Aleksandrovich suggested Vladimirov to go together with it. That agreed. Became sensation not only for Big Drama Theatre soon, but also for the city when here for the first time began to show performances - musicals. Igor Petrovich put performances in different theaters and played many of them, Vladimirov was insatiable if business concerned work.

Who knows, Igor Vladimirov and Alice Freindlich`s creative life as if turned if... If Igor Petrovich was not suggested to be become in a city town committee of party the chief director of Lensovet Theatre. The actress Freindlich received a set of invitations from various theaters, her hands persistently tried to obtain Moscow Contemporary . It, having connected the life with Vladimirov, followed him, in it theater.

Igor Petrovich knew that her parents dispersed that Alice gently loves the father, knew about her fleeting marriage in student`s years. Guessed in it the huge creative potential which none of directors managed to use at the beginning of her career. In a word, he well understood that his young wife is created to become the remarkable actress. And for this purpose it is necessary - to play one.

Igor Petrovich and Alice Freindlich together were engaged in formation of the child - Lensovet Theatre. With emergence in theater of the composer Mr. Gladkov almost all statements became musical. One by one there were performances: Romeo and Juliette Taming obstinate People and passions Dulcinea Tobosscaya Troubadour and his friends Warsaw melody Players Tanya and at last loved by all The Kid and Carlson who lives on a roof . Only in 5 years the performance Pygmalion passed about three hundred times.

Then in Leningrad Soviet together with Freindlich litsedeystvoval actors M. Boyarsky, A. Ravikovich, E. Solovey, A. Petrenko, D. Barkov, L. Dyachkov and others. It brought the progress. Superfluous the ticket could not be got in Leningrad Soviet. But journalists constantly abused theater. Criticized performances, the director, actors When the theater was on tours in Moscow, there was an article Theatre of one actress! Teetotal Vladimirov from indignation and rage wanted to get drunk.

Remembering that hard time, Alice Brunovna will tell: To me it was difficult. Igor Petrovich from me, of course, demanded more than from other actresses. I played much, sometimes 20 performances a month. But could not complain of difficulties, was afraid that will consider it as mine stardom . In 33 years she gave birth to the daughter Varya, and the world set in in their family.

But over time at first creative, and then and their family life cracked. Vladimirov put performances, but in theater, by words, of Alice Brunovna, began pro-slipping . Actors began to leave Vladimirov, and he stopped nobody. Temporary trample theater on the place Igor Petrovich blamed of himself. This big, somehow on - old-fashioned the beautiful person, confusedly went on: We descended with track but it is temporary . Vladimirov to himself was ruthless. It continued to work with persistence

A in Alice Freindlich something cracked. In 22 years of joint life and work they decided to leave. In 5 years before this union broke up, there was a photoplay of the director E. Savelyeva according to A. Arbuzov`s play Old fashioned comedy in which major roles were played more likely Igor Vladimirov and Alice Freindlich lived. Still it is impossible to watch without nervousness how these two elderly persons love each other.

Alice Brunovna was about 50 years old when she, the unconditional prima of the Lensovet Theatre, by the invitation which was well knowing it Tovstonogov passed into Big Drama Theatre.

Vladimirov worked in Lensovet Theatre until the end of life. The whole era - nearly 40 years. In 80 - e years Igor Petrovich opened branch of Leningrad Soviet - youth theater. Actors, Vladimirov`s pupils on theatrical institute, played on stage adult theater and on a small scene of branch. Then the branch became independent theater (presently it is known as theater on Fontanka).

Igor Petrovich did not become 10 years ago. In the foyer of Lensovet Theatre there is a memorial board with a bas-relief of the outstanding director. Today in its office the museum of memory of Igor Petrovich is open. Professor Vladimirov participated in creation of Sankt - the St. Petersburg academy of theater in the hometown.

For the last 15 years Alice Freindlich played a set of roles Big Drama Theatre of Tovstonogov, but any of them did not become an event in the theater world as it was in Leningrad Soviet. On the account of this remarkable actress there are a lot of roles at cinema. She lives in harmony with the daughter Varvara who became an actress, beloved grandsons too - Nikita and Ania.