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Why you need remote education?

Many of us often think of receiving second higher education. But, as a rule, we forcedly postpone such thoughts in a distant box. And every year we run round " more and more habitually; the house - a family - work - garage . Or perhaps it is worth looking at remote form of education? Especially as recently it was widely adopted in Russia, appeared many centers providing high-quality services of such plan.

So, several arguments in advantage RE (remote education).

1. On the job and families. to you will need to be prevented by

At extramural studies twice a year from working for a month, and it not in each firm will be understood and approved. About evening form of education many in general think with horror. For several years you will come home when your children already went to bed. You will have no opportunity to be late at work and to be ahead of colleagues the eagerness. And how many it will be passed parties and campaigns to friends! (It is good, if not on the contrary). Remote education will give you the chance to avoid the majority of these difficulties.

2. At any time convenient for you and in the convenient place.

Materials for distance learning, as a rule, represent a set of thin textbooks of methodics and computer courses. It is convenient to carry textbooks of methodics with itself and to read anywhere - in the subway, in line to the doctor, etc. It is possible to listen to computer lectures in a lunch break, getting stuck in a traffic jam or even late night. You are not attached to the schedule and class periods. You can be engaged though the whole day (for example, in day off), and you can by fits for 15 minutes when it is convenient to you. By the way, the set in many higher education institutions goes on a remote form all the year round, and not just in the summer. (Attention! In many, but not in all).

3. Economy of means.

Cost TO on average one third cheaper, than any other form. Do not forget also that you will not need to go by session to other city (that should be done, study you on a correspondence department), and about today`s prices on railway and air tickets, I am sure, you are perfectly informed.

4. Lack of entrance tests. Even if you finished with

11 only yesterday - y a class or technical school, you will be accepted on a remote form without examinations. Of course, it is necessary to pay.

5. Unlimited choice.

Having made the decision to study remotely, you are not limited in the choice of higher education institution and specialty. Safely consider any options: from Moscow to Vladivostok, from the lawyer to the radio electronics engineer.

6. Reoffset of earlier learned.

In the majority of the organizations providing services TO with approval will treat your diploma about the first higher education or about the termination of technical school. To you will count a number of hours and perezachnut disciplines which you mastered in other place. Sometimes it allows to reduce considerably terms of training and, for example, to avoid need to repeat the higher mathematics or conjugations of the German verbs.

7. Any educational purpose. the Modern remote centers offer

the most different educational programs and courses. It can be the first or second higher education, professional development, short-term courses of retraining, and also courses on interests - floriculture, fast reading, a foreign language, interior design, etc. of

8. Additional bonuses.

Consider the distance learning as investments into the future. The spent money and time undoubtedly will increase your cost in labor market, your competitiveness. If you thoughtfully treat this process, will competently organize the time, you not only will master new specialty, but also considerably will increase the self-discipline, the responsibility. The main thing in this case - not to bungle. For poor progress you can be deducted, as well as from any other form of education. Times when diplomas gave out only upon training payment, already passed.

And finally, I will give categories of people to which remote education will bring the greatest return.

Working and serving which the second highest is vital, but which cannot be prevented from working.

Graduates of technical schools who are forced to earn money owing to what cannot study in the afternoon.

Graduates 11 - x classes, the opportunities living far from large higher education institutions and not having to go to other city, but persons interested to get quality education.

The housewives and mothers sitting with the child. For them it is a good opportunity not to lag behind life, to improve skills and just not to miss.

I specially do not provide names of the concrete remote centers that I was not accused of the embedded advertizing. Anyone will easily find them in the Internet. There would be a desire.

Progress in study!