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For what it is necessary to stretch muscles and ligaments of a backbone?

the Main objective on preservation of health of a backbone play internal muscles and ligaments of a back. They are not visible with the naked eye and do not give in to influence at traditional massage or occupations on exercise machines. Densely braiding a backbone, they fasten directly to vertebras and take active part in any movement of a body.

All of us at the birth receive mobile and flexible muscles and sheaves. Very seldom children who would suffer from a muscle strain or dislocations of joints meet. Quite another matter adults - even a little unusual movement can cause a microtrauma which will hurt several days.

Of course, the adult`s organism will never be such as the child, and on it has many objective reasons. But very often ourselves promote aging of muscles and sheaves. One of manifestations of our negligence - frequent spasms of deep muscles of a back. Many experts consider it as the main reason for osteochondrosis. Here is how it occurs.

Present that we incline a trunk to the left: without burdening in usual living conditions each of us not one ten times should do it every day. At such movement of a trunk of a muscle of a back, located to the left of a backbone, are reduced, and, respectively, the distance between vertebras decreases; and the muscles located to the right of a backbone relax, respectively, the distance between vertebras increases.

At return of a trunk to vertical position everything has to occur upside-down: muscles strain on the right, muscles relax at the left. But internal muscles of a backbone have a bad feature. After tension (especially long) they cannot often relax. There is a muscular spasm which externally can not be shown at once in any way, but over time this condition of muscles promotes development of serious problems with a backbone .

1. Constantly tight muscles will atrophy over time, their force, flexibility is lost that causes constant constraint in a backbone.

2. Around a tight muscle blood supply as it cannot carry out function of the pump any more is broken (to strain and relax), pumping over through itself blood with nutritious elements.

3. Constant intensity of muscles of a backbone causes reduction of distance between vertebras that leads to destruction of intervertebral disks and irritation of backs of a spinal cord.

To solve this problem, it is regularly necessary to stretch internal muscles and ligaments of a backbone . It is possible to do it by means of several exercises.

1. From a standing position sit down on hunkers, continuing to hold a straight line back, and lean hands against knees. Stretch one hand to a floor, lean against a floor, at the same time continuing to hold other hand on a knee. Then lean against a floor and the second hand, having put a breast on forward surfaces of hips. Further slowly raise a basin up, holding legs slightly bent in knees. Make 10 swings in a waist on a second on one swing, trying to pass the head between knees. To return to a starting position, again sit down on hunkers, lean a hand against a knee, straighten a back, put other hand on a knee, get up, continuing to hold a straight line back.

2. Lying on a back, tighten the left knee to a stomach and, helping both hands, direct it to the right shoulder. To execute several swinging movements, not to tear off a back and the right leg from a floor. To execute 5 - 6 times with each leg.

3. We sit, having crossed legs ( in Turkish ) . Hands are bent in elbows, palms are turned down. On an exhalation we turn the top part of the case as much as possible to the left and at the same time we transfer hands to the left. On a breath we come back to a starting position. So we do 7 - 15 times in each party.

4. We sit, having crossed the legs bent in knees, right from above, palms clasped the knees of the same name. On an exhalation we are rolled on a back, we incline the head, pressing a chin to a breast. At the same time we hold the hands bent in elbows before a breast and a little on the right, as if covering the head, palms are opened. To execute 7 - 15 times. When rolling you watch back that legs did not lag behind the movement of a body and vice versa, at rifts forward - the body did not lag behind legs. The back has to be most bent.

Carrying out exercises, it is necessary to increase movement amplitude gradually. Try to relax the majority of muscles of a body as much as possible.