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Why it is necessary to increase force of muscles of a back?

Present the brick house at which construction did not use cement mortar. Even at a small shake-up it completely will collapse. In our organism function of solution is carried out by skeletal muscles. And at the birth we receive almost ideal body which separate components strong and are reliably connected to the help of muscles and sheaves.

The main feature of skeletal muscles - without due loading they will atrophy. Process of their destruction and exhaustion goes imperceptibly, but with frightening constancy.

The person easily adapts to loss of muscle bulk, he begins to avoid situations when the maximum muscular tension is necessary. But such cunning does not pass with backbone muscles because completely to exclude or significantly it is impossible to reduce load of a backbone. It occurs here for what reason.

The person without the excess weight when costs directly, experiences strain on lumbar department of a backbone - 30 kilograms. The easy inclination forward - loading increases twice. When bending a trunk at an angle of 90 degrees pressure upon a disk increases to 210 kilograms. The backbone without strong muscles will not cope with such big natural loading.

It is necessary to remember that on a back there are deep muscles and external muscles. The external muscles (trapezoid and broadest muscles) look effectively, but it does not carry out function on maintenance of a backbone. This function is assigned to internal muscles of a back which fasten to vertebras and provide a standard position of a spine column. That`s it these muscles it is necessary to train for ensuring health of a backbone.

In itself a conclusion arises: training of muscles of a back is not an excess, but need for each person.

1. You lay down on a stomach, legs are connected, hands are extended in the parties, rest a forehead against a floor. Make an exhalation. On a breath raise hands, legs and the head, the look is directed forward. Hold the breath for several seconds, then relax, exhale and return to a starting position. To execute 5 - 7 repetitions.

2. We lay down on a stomach. We rest palms against a floor around shoulders and we are wrung out from a floor, a trunk direct. Emphasis on hands and toes. Transfer body weight to the right hand, and left extend forward, concentrate a look on fingers of the left hand. Count to three, then change hands. If you are insufficiently strong to keep body weight one hand, begin with an emphasis not on a hand, and on a forearm. Or just you transfer body weight at first to one hand, and then on another without tearing off hands from a floor. Carry out exercise in such option until muscles become stronger. To do 5 - 15 times for each hand.

3. Lying on a back, bend knees and put a foot as it is possible closer to buttocks. Place legs a little. Put hands along a body palms down. On a breath raise hips and a basin as highly as you will be able not to feel tension and discomfortable feelings. Shoulders remain pressed to a floor, and the back caves in a little. To hold the breath for several seconds, then to slowly lower a trunk and to exhale. To execute 5 - 10 times.

4. Being on all fours, we lean on knees and palms. Serially we raise a direct leg with fixing in a final point back for 3 - 5 seconds. To carry out for each leg of 5 - 10 times.

5. Lying on a stomach, hands along a trunk, brushes are squeezed in a fist and are pressed by thumbs to a floor. We raise slowly direct left leg up and we fix for several seconds. To execute 5 - 10 times for each leg.

It is necessary to carry out the offered exercises every other day or two in the morning or in the evening. Many people make a mistake: hurrying to receive positive result from occupations, carry out them every day. Such mode of trainings leads only to exhaustion of muscles that will promote on the contrary emergence of pains in a back. To receive the maximum result from trainings, good rest is necessary - it is a dream within 6 - 8 hours on a semifixed bed. The offered exercises can be broken into 2 parts and to carry out in different training days. In the days off the exercises increasing flexibility of muscles and ligaments of a backbone will be very useful.