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How to become the owner of the life

Good evening, the Reader!

Yes I want to become the owner of the life, the millionaire, the president, God, at last! And it is not a laughing matter.

Is my life, but not life of 6 billion people of this ball to which large number to me not to communicate.

Give, dream! I am the owner of " bank; Savertime . The bank is registered on my name in constellation Alpha Tsentavra . Planet Earth it is my asset. I bought it all with all subsoil and other living creatures at ordinary auction of the universe and now it has to bring in to my bank the income, otherwise I should sell it and to buy other more reliable source of the income. My bank will go bankrupt if I do not get profit from the invested money.

I decided that let each born person is obliged to open the account in my bank and to pay me for the right to live on this planet a tax 1 ruble. It also does it, once it closes the account and I award him with death or let plows Universe open spaces if is able, and all saved-up money remains here on my planet and this money will continue to work.

Live money of the died people works long ago - you the guy compose it - tell you, dear reader. In any way not! A Nobel Prize - an example of the working money of the dead person. And how many such live money of dead people continue to work for whom now?


And to you it is not ridiculous what the planet is divided into sites, the called states? The states which are owned by the elite. Both you and I are obliged to these states, at least that you were born to pay taxes.

And who will pay me a tax? A tax for the fact that I am an owner of this planet. You do not want, and in vain. I already warned you.

Chip in together, Kiyosaki who succeeded in the world of money, Bodoshifer and Buffett and invest in me the passive income. By the way, in the book To Depart from affairs to young people and the rich Robert Kiyosaki admitted to you, my kind reader that without faith in me, in God, his financial progress would not be in general. It is weak to Robert to understand that God can be a person too. And he is a good fellow that sees an exit in game, but not in distribution elephants to all 6 billion people among whom there are I.

All your finance will become candy wrappers in the collapsed world economy. Only present, the real estate is necessary to nobody, actions yes to whom they are necessary, money just paper. Doekonomilsya Buffett - game life.

And now the answer - it is simple and clear - you the owner of the life on any! Remember it as an axiom.