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How to create a card on the computer? Part 1

A a course put Introduction to a business course at us such: we want to create the hands a greeting card and at the same time to learn to work in the graphic editor. It is also quite good to deal with photos and to practice in passing in computer design. I collected by

In this chapter 1 questions which arise at the people who were not dealing with intricate design programs, but persons interested to create something special on the computer.

1. What is the graphic editor?

the Graphic editor is a program which allows to create models, that is cards, business cards, labels, advertizing modules, etc.; to process photos - to clean superfluous, to paint, to repair to restore, decorate, apply effects, to frame; to develop design of WEB - the websites.

In this cycle of articles all functions will not manage to be captured, naturally. We will consider in detail the tools necessary for creation of a card.

2. Whether it is possible to master independently Corel Draw or Adobe Photoshop? Many designers (and I among them) began with

the way quite so, literally, at random .

At first was difficult, the period of interest in any difficult fillings, textures, fonts came then; it seemed that the design only benefits from it, but it is possible to be sure of full perfection, having only refused all frills and brightness - all ingenious is simple.

can Only independently study something fully (this my personal opinion who categorically does not agree - can not read further), and these articles, I hope, will become a handrail on a ladder of your design rise...

3. Whether difficult to master the called programs? you try


Ya would not tell that it is very difficult to master if you are well familiar with the computer and freely work, for example, in Word; it is difficult not to fall by the " level; the more floridly - the better . It is the most dangerous that you, without noticing that, you complicate and you complicate the model special effects, contours, sophisticated inscriptions, and you cannot stop.

4. What skills are necessary to make a card?

Sure possession of the personal computer, the Internet and the camera is desirable since to explain how to close the document and in what folder to keep it to the following time, I will not be. The Internet and the camera will be useful if you were going to insert drawings or photos into the model.

Well also should be known, of course, what you will demand as a result from the graphic editor (it only the program - it and it is not known that at you on mind).

5. What is the time will occupy creation of a greeting card?

Everything depends on the speed of our thought and a mouse. The beginner can be taken with the model fifteen days, and the superpro will not be required also fifteen minutes. On average - from one to three hours.

6. What needs the printer to unpack a card? What will be required for this purpose paper?

If you in house conditions print photos, then at you everything is ready.

the Printer - any color, suitable for a photo printing.

Paper - is preferable to have matte photographic paper of the A4 size, but it is possible to manage and usual (10*15) the photosize - in that case at us the small, but pleasant post otkrytochka will turn out. If it is planned to make bilateral design, get bilateral paper (then the possibility of the press on both parties will appear).

I Will repeat: for our purposes it is the best of all to get matte bilateral photographic paper of the A4 size .

7. What to do if there is no house the color printer?

It will complicate a situation, but the way out can always be found.

Is the firms providing services to the press on the color laser or inkjet printer. Learn rules of prepress preparation and the minimum quantity of copies there (be not incidentally trapped - you do not need hundred identical cards?). However usually in such firms or very seldom agree to unpack the one and only copy, especially on photographic paper, or there such transcendental prices that you will involuntarily think: But whether it is easier to buy the color printer?

In the following part we will talk about the most initial stages of work in the graphic editor.

See you!