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Whether the Spanish omelet you want? Tortilla

you will not believe, but what we usually prepare for breakfast from the boiled potato which remained since evening, throwing it into a frying pan and filling in with eggs - a national Spanish dish. Only very much hastily and carelessly executed. Do not resist, speaking: and it is so tasty! what we represented - a way to eat up without having choked with . And tortilla is a way to enjoy life. Especially, very often it is given as tapas - traditional snack to aperitif.

In Spain tortilla can be tasted not only in tapas - bars, it can be bought in any supermarket. But house it is much better, and there is nothing to speak. By the way, it is possible from - that here do not cook potato in such quantities as in Russia, the national omelet Spaniards also do not perceive a way of a doyedaniye as .

This independent dish making a worthy dinner together with the sir - a tomato and jamon. And fillers happen different. Though I did not notice a big variety on counters: with potatoes, with onions and with onions - potatoes. Conservatives all of them - would know that we pour to the fried eggs!

So, we try to prepare the real Spanish tortilla with potatoes and onions .

A preparation time , only do not faint : 40 minutes .

Ingredients: (on how many persons, I will not tell, with fried eggs - that will deal everyone)

- 6

eggs - 2 average bulbs (250 g) of

- 3 average potatoes

- 150 ml of olive oil. Will be zhirnovato, it is possible and to reduce, but the real tortilla such is

- salt (notice - there is no pepper)


1. To clean potatoes and to cut plates not more thickly than 3 mm.

2. It is better to take a frying pan of average depth with a good antiprigarny covering, to pour in it two thirds of the prepared oil. In warmed (but not red-hot!) oil to lay out potatoes and to fry about 15 minutes on weak fire, having covered. Potatoes should not blush.

3. A bulb to clean, cut on 4 parts and to cut thinly. To add to potatoes. To continue to fry until onions become transparent. Already at a stage of readiness of onions - to salt.

4. To lay out potatoes with onions in the colander which is carefully put on a soup plate and to allow to flow down to oil. Its surplus is used further.

5. In a deep bowl to shake up 6 eggs. To lay out in eggs potatoes with onions and to mix accurately.

6. In a frying pan to pour out oil from under fried potatoes and to warm. To lay out our mix. Height of tortilla has to be 3 - 4 cm

7. First we fry, slowly stirring slowly with mix with a wooden shovel as will begin to grab more and more - is stopped disturbing.

8. The most delicate moment - a turning. For this purpose we cover a frying pan of the most flat (and rather big not to burn fingers) a plate and we overturn on it a frying pan with our omelet. We pour out 1/3 part of oil left at first in a frying pan and accurately we spread tortilla, shifting from a plate. Slowly we roast to a turn. Pay attention the correct real tortilla - not really ruddy and not dry.

Eat tortilla warm or cold. It is possible to cut on small squares and a tax as tapas to aperitif at a party in the Spanish style, together with olives, jamon and other snack.

Bon appetit! Or of Buen provecho as speak in Spain.