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Whether it is possible to make repair of a ceiling painless for nerves? Stretch ceilings of

Practically everyone faced negative sides of apartment renovation. It and dirt, it and noise, it and time. Moreover there are a lot of different minuses. But one big plus - the end result in the form of the repaired and comfortable apartment to which it is not a shame to invite friends also.

However, in my opinion worst of all to repair a ceiling, especially if it is not ideally equal. There is a wish to give it a worthy look also. How it is possible to cope with it? Probably, many know about stretch ceilings. So in what their advantage?

In general the stretch ceiling represents cloths from fabric or a film of PVC (i.e. polyvinylchloride) which stretch lower than the level of a ceiling. The feeling of absolutely equal, smooth ceiling is created. This feeling - not illusion, but reality.

Stretch ceilings do not fade and practically do not demand leaving. Unlike ceilings from gypsum cardboard, colored and suspended, on cloths cracks, peelings in use are not formed and begin to flow. Service life of a stretch ceiling is not limited.

Installation of a stretch ceiling takes about 5 hours. The cloth does not burn, does not emit toxic substances and can maintain to 100 kg on 1 square meter. That is, if the water stream falls upon it, it is necessary to wait for elimination of accident and to call experts who will merge water and will return to a ceiling a former form.

As a rule, these ceilings are established after the end of repair. Time of assembling of a ceiling depends directly on the size, and also the general complexity of the room in which the ceiling is established. Two usually work on installation of a stretch ceiling or three persons. One more of advantages of a stretch ceiling is that in the course of installation there is practically no garbage left, and the furniture, as a rule, does not need to be taken out from the room.

Besides, tension cloths can be used in bathtubs and pools as the stretch ceiling does not form condensate. Also behind it it is easy to hide conducting, fire extinguishing systems, conditioning and ventilation, to build in practically any illuminant. Stretch ceilings promote the best sound insulation.

Tension cloths are a find for the designer as allow to create various effects. For example, it is possible to create a multilevel ceiling and, thus, to divide visually the room into several zones. The stretch ceiling recedes from basic everything on 4 centimeters at a standard chandelier or without ceiling lighting, but to hide conducting and roughnesses, it is better to establish multilevel ceilings.

The glossy ceiling visually expands space, increases height, opaque looks more quietly in a house interior. The youth and in general to people - optimists will suit color ceilings. One of novelties is the effect of the star sky. Besides, on cloths it is possible to print any picture and even the photo.

The technology of stretch ceilings appeared in the Russian market not so long ago, but already now began to gain steam of popularity, a blagodaryapraktichnost, durability, beauty, stylishness, etc. of

of Successful repair!