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Who are we, Siberians? The 8th century BC. Siberian city of Chichaburg.

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On Friday evening, take the map of the native land and, having twisted a finger over the head, stick into the first page. Everything, your choice is made!

Ya as the inveterate tourist of the day off, I can absolutely guarantee: where you not stuck - interesting travel

All impressions and confirmation of the facts of existence of the city, we received, having visited the museum in the settlement of Chich. It should be noted with what warmth and interest villagers about " told us; city which adjoins to them nearly through the street. The museum showed photos which reflect times of excavation and archeological finds.

Is undoubted that the most important objects are sent to COPAH of Novosibirsk, but also that part of objects which are got by social movement of the village have enough for confirmation of authenticity of age-old events and formation of the whole museum at school.

On photos geophysicists outlines of streets and houses accurately appear and it is considerably allocated special part of a protogorod, the most strengthened place, there m the head of this community - the prototsar. At the first excavation many military objects were already found: the armor, tips of arrows indicating constant readiness for attack reflection. In those days probably the movements of the people about the North on the South connected with a cold snap began. Therefore Siberians also had a need for protection.

Protogorod existed approximately 150 - 200, and conducted intensive work.

Is found very difficult system of the centers and a form with traces of thermal influence. the shop of foundry production was

Most likely it.

A here the find in the form of a certain iron subject at the time of domination of bronze and a bone, entered all scientific minds of Siberia into a stupor.

Most likely, for inhabitants were possible movements on far distances and to the Urals, Altai, Kazakhstan where could extract ore, trade relations were conducted.

Is undoubted that inhabitants were big handicraftsmen and left behind the impressive sizes slag dumps.

Souvenirs in the form of figures of the person and animals, with pronounced bases of sex. Remains of bones horse, bear, an elk, a sable, a beaver and even a dog, says that on coast Chichi there was an animal husbandry and hunting was not an entertainment. And here the found sea cockleshells, were identical with the Caspian cockleshells. It is quite probable that when that there was a sea passage here. Means ancient Siberians had water contacts with the people of Iran, Iraq, with Turkmens and Kazakhs.... In different constructions various cultures and Priirtyshje and Zauralie got on. Perhaps already then there were closer contacts of the population allowing to enter the marriage relations even with not close neighbors as led to emergence of objects in dwellings, on culture very very different from each other.

Plentiful finds on the place of an apartment house, are found and in the 2nd excavation where

is found a set of small plasticity, most likely it is cult objects which do not meet in excavation on the suburb of the city.

the Found remains of some dwellings, contained in themselves and objects of Sargatsky culture - it means that later 300 - 400 the new settlement came to this territory and too partially developed it. Probably our Siberian earth was very convenient place for accommodation.

Tribes of that time had special funeral ceremonies, such as air,

or water burial (the simply dead was put at the mercy to wild animals or birds. The quicker the corpse was eaten, the, was considered, was better during lifetime of people.)

In a protogoroda at Chich`s lake, was for the first time revealed burial to the earth.

Results of analyses of bones of animals show that three thousand years ago the territory was surrounded with the woods.

Is curious also the fact that in some dwellings there were about two children`s burials. And when geneticists with them worked, it became clear that it is boys and from different mothers. It is necessary to draw a conclusion that two or several families, or a polygamous family with the general father lived in this house. Also it became clear that the gene pool at boys was closer to Finno - ugra, but not to population of Central Asia.

When we arrived to places of excavation, except beauty of the autumn nature, did not see the city and it is natural that to us only ditches remained. In the conditions of the Novosibirsk region there is no stone for construction, and the tree in 3000 years does not remain. The holes outlined under the disappeared generally squared dwellings and in the center the whole system of Stolbov of holes who held all design of the house. General impression from excavation depressing - continuous ditches and holes. And it is right that the ancient civilization can be considered either in a microscope, or from space.

Later, sitting on the bank of the lake, and observing as jump sazans aground, and the smallest karasik in 500 grams swims in an ear and only managed to fish around, we had no opportunity to consider and share impressions from new heard and seen as... again the hand bell and already should be pulled out.....

I, only in the dark evening, sitting at a fire, we could give freedom to the thoughts and dream up. residents of this city were

Who? It, it is slightly more than 160 centimeters. They ate not only meat, but also a large number of the fish teeming in the steppe rivers. Drank undiluted wine, did not disdain hemp. Loved the elegant clothes decorated with gold, covered a body with tattoos. They loved

, gave birth, raised the children, for certain slapped them for disobedience, they ours a pra - a pra . grandfathers, and it is difficult to define whose drop of blood is mixed in blood of our children and what precept is handed to me from my descendants , but I precisely understood what and whom it is only not added in genes of Siberians can we and not all best was taken from the ancestors, but Sibiryak`s nation turned out strong!