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Where bats on wintering are flown? Travel on area

Ya as the inveterate tourist of the day off, I can absolutely guarantee: in what the place on the map of the Novosibirsk region, you not stuck a finger - interesting travel is provided! there is no

Unfortunately, in the Novosibirsk region high and picturesque Mountains Altai, majestic Lake Baikal and historical heritage of scale of Moscow and St. Petersburg

But we have a natural capacity, some kind of 7 miracles of area which can argue on singularity with world reserved places, and can be even to intrigue the highest minds of archeologists, geologists, botanists and all tourists who are not left indifferent by unique (abnormal) places of the nature of, especially, native land.

Travel of these days off little grandchildren requested from me. They wanted the fairy tale. I as the true grandfather, I follow the tastes of any curiosity of the hooligans - boys.

- you Want the fairy tale? We have it!

Early in the morning we go to the most fantastic place of our area in Barsukovsky caves of Maslyaninsky district.

to us should cover slightly less than 100 km and the pedestrian distance on marshy, forest back streets of our edge, to pass the river under mysterious the name " Fennel; to overcome almost impassable thickets and having climbed on impressive a view of the rock hardly noticeable footpath, to go down in a cave Fennel 15 meters lower than small river level.

During Civil war the cave was used by red and white groups, and later deserters and fluent disappeared in it.

We, just in case, having armed guns and children`s guns, having taken small lamps, having hidden fear of expectation, vigorously came from the warm car forward to mystery

the Entrance to a vault - a small and hardly noticeable, oval opening 1. 2 m are similar (to the Russian furnace) to Move only on all fours.

the Right branch of a cave brings into a crude grotto, and at the left the largest grotto, up to 5 meters high and a set of deep cracks. Extent is 195 meters and depth is 19 meters. An entrance labyrinth in a cave, small grottoes, a clumpy blockage with system of the ring courses.

is very uncomfortable Here. Stone cold and slippery. To make the way, it is necessary to be rather dexterous and, it is desirable, thin, there are places much already. And some more tons over the head press too and not only on children`s mentality, but also I will a little scared. Sinter and small korallita in cracks


in complete darkness abruptly down - and the first test of nerves: the course - rip-off . To creep, it is necessary to extend hands forward. After that nothing is already terrible. Almost all the time it is necessary to creep on a narrow stone gut. Where, only the intuition knows.

- the Deadlock about 15 meters: rather large in comparison with other deadlocks. We perceive it for the main course and we creep with enthusiasm towards to adventures.

Uniqueness and secret of the Barsukovsky cave that it is a colony of bats from time immemorial.

of the Mouse - eternal neighbors of the person. Our neighbourhood began still when we in common lived in caves.

A big hollow and from there strange sounds reach. Terrible thought that evil spirits really exist, and we will fall a victim of their rage now.

Having gone down, we saw a great number of the mice hanging and sitting on cave walls. Hundreds of these beings are similar to a shaggy rug, densely closed a ceiling and a floor of a cave. Mice kept closely as a bee swarm. They already slept, and seemed rather peaceful and is even gentle - defenseless.

Who flies, stirs hands, sleeps head over heels and sees ears? - vigorously I ask that - to reduce horror level in the opinion of grandchildren.

- Now you visually see how bats sleep head over heels!

In the summer the cave is uninhabited. And caves begin to become populated already since the end of August. In the fall small animals settle down or alone, or small groups. Approximately since December they begin to form larger groups. During hibernation bats periodically wake up, can fly, eat the insects wintering on walls of caves

of Trubkonosa sleep, without waking up.

These little winged small animals, cause feeling of irritation and fastidiousness in people around more often.

A let`s think we - the nature how inventively worked at these surprising animals.

of the Muzzle at small animals are extremely ugly, with enormous ears and sharp teeth.

Moreover also rush at night and are not hit in anything .

Actually these little mice deserve admiration:

They fly - in perfection. Flight is so prompt that it is impossible to follow the movements. In a pursuit of insects, bats for the 100-th shares of seconds, do dizzy zigzags and pirouettes and use not sight, but hearing.

are Heard by them with the help acoustic locator in the ultrasonic range. The mouse publishes signals equal on a sound of the jet liner on take-off and catches the echo reflected from obstacles. Such refinement of acoustical sight and therefore they have such huge ears (locators) and leather folds on muzzles which carry out a role loud-hailer giving to mice a frightening look.

They actually see ears Incredibly! Maybe in that case bats hear eyes? witty men spoke maliciously. The echo replaces with it sight, touch and sense of smell.

A a brain of a tiny small animal like the computer processes a set of parameters - height, proximity of obstacles, speed of the purpose and own speed, force and the direction of wind ability to find the thinnest obstacles (0,08mm) and to distinguish a kind of materials on durability and a noise stability, exceeding up to 30 decibels.

All in the world there are about 1500 species of bats, and in our area of only 5 types: the water nochnitsa, a pond nochnitsa, a moustached nochnitsa of Brand, big trubkonos and brown ushan and all of them are included in the Red List.

generally mice - insectivorous. The weight of a pond nochnitsa - 20 grams, and a moustached nochnitsa - 4gr. Mice feed the cubs with milk. At them all is born, in the middle of the summer, on 1 little mouse and 3 days, by means of claws of thumbs and legs, naked and blind they cling to mother and accompany her even in flight.

Live they from 12 to 2 5 years and are settled on all planet (unless they are not only in Antarctica), without difficulties flying on enormous distances. Bats are capable to change

temperature of the body for economy of energy and forces. During a dream they compare body temperature to surrounding temperature and it rescues them in the winter and during bad weather. Besides mice are able to fall into a condition of anabiosis and to wait adverse conditions. Mice have the lexicon - 22 words - a sound.

In a legend at Aesop it is told about bloody war between animals and birds. Owing to the nature, bats, inhabitants of the earth and the sky, accepted one party, another how military operations turned. When in fauna the world triumphed, the former enemies condemned two-handled wing-handed animals and sentenced them to a gloom in night, having forbidden to appear by the light of.

In Old Russian legend on birds heavenly the bat asks birds: You Will accept both exchange to yourself and an upishita to exchange in knyg zhivotniya to the stomach; I do not know bo, hto to exchange sotvoriv: if Bog, then lyudem on posmekh, and if chort, then it brat, bo I not ptakh

Certainly all of you think that it is satellites of evil spirit?

Exists a belief that when bats soar up in flight up, and then sharply decrease to the earth, it means that hour of witches - time when they think that they are imperious over people came. One of types flying - netopyr, is considered dirty, devil. And here, ancient Chinese have a hieroglyph Faugh means happiness that means bat . Even god the Aesculapian is represented with wings a bat.

We in Russia have such belief that the ordinary mouse who ate something consecrated becomes a bat: candle, piece of an Easter cake. And Poles consider that flying are mice who avoided cat`s claws within 7 years. Ukrainians consider by

bats - the devil`s friend, Poles - an evil ghost, soul of the sleeping witch, Belarusians - soul of the died sorcerer. Cave New in Texas contains 15 million (!) Mexican mice. When in twilight they take off on searches of food - it seems, the fire began - as if cubes of a smoke bring down from a pipe.

take the Most ominous place of a mouse in Mexico - the evil genius of cunning and deception Hikal. He installs instability of mentality and bad character in people, and subordinates to the will better with such not to meet - will entice and will bite. All this legends, but in the present at mice small and even skin of the person they will not be able to bite through teeth. Made such experiment, in the dark threw a set of different small objects and only one worm . The mouse, unmistakably was quick to grasp that it is necessary for her for livelihood.

The international night of bats - one of the most unusual holidays because many people feel superstitious fear of bats. On September 21 day on protection of these unique and useful animals is spent, and it is not casual - it is day of an autumn equinox, time when comes fall into the own. Wing-handed animals migrate to places of winterings at this time and fall into hibernation.

Exist the international laws forbidding trade in meat of bats. But illegal business when destroy small animals prospers and transport to Europe. A traditional dish with meat of bats is the food in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Seychelles.

In real life from mice who fly there is very big advantage. One animal catches up to 1 gram of insects in an hour. If to consider how many the mouse destroys blood-suckers of midges, mosquitoes, plant louses and other insects, then it will turn out that a mouse it is powerful in only 7 grams, for all the life destroys more half tones of insects. And how many the mouse gives valuable udobreniyadlya lands? Even are organized in many reserves, especially after winter quarters, production of a dung - guano as fine azotno - phosphoric fertilizer.

We accurately put stones and dead wood a big entrance to a cave that - more nobody would disturb winter quarters of little little mice in their warm and safe wintering.

Having left a cave on a bright sun, blinking and having straightened hands as wings, my young people cave explorers shouted afar the wide steppe, the native woods and the shining sky:

People, protect bats! They need to sleep and gain strength.

Coming back in the warm car, tired children had a heap of questions on which they by all means will request informative answers. But one we understood everything together that not in vain in our area care for the Barsukovy cave and protect as and for a long time explosive works on extraction of filling brick forbade to conduct a nature sanctuary and limit visit by cave explorers of a cave in winter time when flying Dutches it is not recommended to disturb.

In our memory, remained feeling of affection to these small and defenseless mice and pleasure that there is in our region such amazing place for the fairy tale Barsukovsky cave !