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How the psychotherapy rescues from allergies?

the Allergy are a hypersensibility of an organism to the substances of various nature called by allergens. Now more than 20 thousand allergens are known, since foodstuff and finishing environment pollutants. For various reasons the number of allergens grows from year to year, as well as allergic persons. And all allergic persons anyway are interested in a problem of a possibility of disposal of this of a misfortune, unpleasant and terrible on consequences.

The most frightening and terrible complication for allergic persons is development of bronchial asthma which can result in hormonal dependence and a heavy invalidization. Unfortunately, when for the first time the kid is brought to allergists, many experts draw to parents not bright prospect of long, continuous expensive treatment all subsequent life without any hope for treatment at once.

On mind as it becomes, for example, in America, the countries of the West, at treatment of bronchial asthma the psychotherapy is obligatory because bronchial asthma - a psychosomatic illness. People with disturbing are subject to it, it is disturbing - depressive character. But you will seldom meet someone from therapists or allergists which would advise complex treatment with obligatory psychotherapy. Instead of psychotherapy soothing preparations or tranquilizers which can remove only temporarily stress and alarm whereas the psychotherapist works on overcoming of their reasons are offered, cleaning the factors provoking an illness. In many cases application of psychotherapy allows to reduce seriously displays of an illness and often allows to win against it if it to you has the luck to get to the highly professional expert.

As for allergies of various origin, the modern psychotherapy is capable to cope for short term with them. Most successfully the psychotherapists applying polymodal approach (having knowledge and experience diversely of psychotherapy), experts on neuro - to linguistic programming, eriksonovsky hypnosis, emotionally - figurative therapy and the experts of other directions who are purposefully working on the reasons provoking allergies solve problems of allergies.

A modern view of a number of the directions of psychotherapy on a problem of an origin of allergies is as follows: an allergy not that other as the phobia of immune system which by mistake begins to rank these or those products, smells, etc. to life-threatening substances and begins to protect actively an organism, tearing away them. Signs of this rejection, unfortunately, are known to much not by hearsay: it is cold, an itch, hypostases, lachrymation, cough, short wind...

According to different data, from 50 to 80% of allergies can be successful psikhoterapevtirovana. In very started cases the psychotherapy helps to reduce heavy displays of an illness, especially it concerns very elderly patients. As shows experience, children approximately from 2 years can be taken on psychotherapy with application game the technician. For example, quite often the allergy to house dust at children is provoked by a nervous situation in a family (continuous scandals, inconsistent education etc.) . Unloved work of the laboratory assistant can start an allergy to chemicals. And the constant fear to lose a scent can provoke an allergy at the professional taster. Often allergies develop after serious psychoinjuries and infectious diseases when immunity seriously suffers, and in such state it can give the paradoxical reactions which are expressed in allergic manifestations.

Unfortunately, not so often allergologists work in a tandem with psychotherapists though many know that, connecting psychotherapy, they in many respects predetermine success of treatment. The impression is made that it is easier for some doctors to prescribe expensive medicine and to doom the patient to lifelong persistent treatment, than to cure it. As one my familiar allergologist was frankly expressed if they direct the patients to psychotherapists, then will lose the patients whom they treat all life.

The understanding of allergic reactions of an organism as phobias of immune system allows psychotherapists to apply usual to work with equipment phobias. However to consolidate the received results, it is necessary to reduce qualitatively increased uneasiness and excess tension in these or those parts of a body or in all organism, to change the patient`s relation to all negative experiences and memoirs which can provoke painful reactions. Sometimes patients need passing of family psychotherapy. It is necessary when problems of the patient are closely connected with the family relations or parental installations.