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Who are they - 8 women of the beloved? And how to fight with them?

In life of each man, besides the beloved wife or the girlfriend, are also other women. However, it is not an occasion to go crazy or to make rows to jealousy. Let`s try to deal with them quickly and without panic.

Girlfriend of the childhood . They are on friendly terms from kindergarten, together studied at school and stand at the origins of student`s league of KVN of the higher education institution. They are filled in over jokes which are not clear to you and when it cannot park, he does not call her the idiot.

be not jealous, in the companion of life it chose you, but not it. Try to make friends with it and to understand what your elect appreciates the girlfriend. Besides, it is an occasion to reflect: can, you are not sure of yourself and force of the charm?

Colleague . She goes with it to a lunch, asks to be late after work to help to finish the urgent report, calls home in the evenings - to resolve urgent issues. Generally, with it he spends much time, and it irritates.

A still she does not mutter, does not make a claim and does not elicit attention as you. Be better for the elect the wife - the friend, but not the wife - the child. The good interlocutor who is interested in life of the man will never be pushed in a corner.

Friend`s wife . It has a friend who married nearly hundred years ago. His wife - the pleasant girl, but likes to emphasize that in their men`s company she the, and all others got here incidentally: Why you bought it this sweater? He hates blue color!

do not compete with it, know the own worth as it you his woman, but not it. Choose a role younger girlfriend she also tries to obtain it. Do not assimilate to it, proving, as you not a bast boards, and soon she will calm down.

Ex-girlfriend . Several times he called you by her name and was surprised that you cannot correctly fry meat (as some). Sometimes he declares that he has to meet it - to take away the book or to beat the shelf. whether

Is necessary to you such man? If an affirmative answer, take its past for granted. Do not allow causticities to its former, but do not suppress offenses which your man, without having noticed, could cause: it demands discussions, but without claims. You do not seek to prove that you it is better than it former: you are you, appreciate yourself it.

Neigbour . Earlier the situation when the guy rents apartment in half with the girl, seemed improbable. Today - another matter. But when he declares that he found the wonderful room on a podseleniye, and in the neighbourhood will live 19 - the summer student, you explode: Really it was impossible to find the neighbor - the guy?

With this situation will be helped by sense of humour and self-confidence and the elect. If this option does not suit you, there is other way out - to remove the apartment together.

Mother . With energy of his mummy it was possible to achieve a truce between Palestine and Israel long ago! It should do repair, to plant gladioluses at the dacha, to visit the aunt Manyu in Kukuyevo. It on the first call rushes it to the aid, and you could not finish to hammer it month a nail.

War with the mother-in-law - the most absurd: anyway the man will suffer - it will be heavy to it to lose any of you. Be not engaged in pulling of a rope, present to the mother-in-law the attention better, without waiting when it from you it is extended (in the form of your irritation including). Be honest and find in themselves a two-three of the same qualities which mother of your satellite has also: for example, desire to receive the man in individual use.

Daughter . He often takes for the weekend the daughter from first marriage. You not against, but the child smears your favourite lipstick on glass, spills spirits and speaks: Mother is much more beautiful than this aunt!

do not buy love of the child, and be just honest and friendly with it: children feel falseness. Opposition will end quicker if you do not show offense and irritation. Children is shrewd psychologists: they feel that it is more logical to beat a sore point while it is sick. Your tranquility - the best weapon.

Adherent . In sports club it had a friend with whom they discuss types of muscles, the Kremlin diet and the new instructor. When you represent how it feels his tricepses, you want to kill her.

Register in the same club and you go to classes together. But reflect: you will not be able to follow it close all life. Perhaps it is better to begin to take lessons of ball dance, telling then the husband how you danced a passionate tango with the partner in dance? Who knows, your elect can will prefer to conduct you in dance of love?

Trust people and be sure of themselves!