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What stone helps a high life?

This stone in the ancient time was considered as a symbol of a heavenly dome, a stone of contemplation and reflection. Boyle wrote that his hardness so coincides with ruby hardness that jewelers consider that it is one stone, distinction only in color.

Usually this stone blue - this color gives it connection of the titan and iron. But also shades which call fantasy - yellow, white and so on come across.

This stone facetted in the form of a rose crowns the English power, it is inserted into the back of the British imperial crown.

Told legends about this stone, as if it cures of spasms, fine color gives to the face, helps at asthma, heart troubles and neuralgia. Was considered that this stone - an innocence stone, it protects chastity of brides.

Ancient Germans considered this stone as a victory symbol.

In the 11th century one priest spoke about this stone so: Great value of this stone both for women, and for men: it gives strength to a tired body, restores the burdened members and does them strong again. He removes envy and perfidy from the person, it releases the person from a dungeon. The one who carries it will never be afraid of anything...

It is sapphire , the stiffened sea wave, a piece of the spring sky, a stone cornflower.

The main property of sapphire for which it was loved in the high society (except beauty, certainly): was considered that sapphire is capable to protect from slander. And if someone talks scandal concerning the owner of sapphire, then this malignant gossip will turn back against the slanderer, and the owner of a stone will leave all troubles without uniform speck on reputations, moreover, its reputation will even become stronger. So it is not surprising that sapphire was one of favourite stones, the same as for the businessman the credit - all this, for the person of light all the reputation (including is the credit).

Jewelry with sapphires in Renaissance and baroque was especially fashionable. The best sapphires of Europe in XYI belonged a century to beautiful Isabella D`Esta Gonzago, the duchess Mantuanskaya. The beauty living beyond means was forced to put a sapphire diadem to the Venetian usurer. But to avoid gossips about the debts and not to damage reputation, charming Isabella ordered the exact copy of a diadem. Instead of sapphires blue polished glass was inserted into a frame. The copy was so good that " sapphires; in it seemed even better than the presents. Later, when the duchess redeemed a precious diadem from the usurer, it continued to carry counterfeit - that was more beautiful!

But not only the high society loved sapphires. These stones were carried by young nuns - was considered that sapphire is capable to cool passion, to clear soul, and these properties were simply necessary for Christ`s brides while their blood did not grow cold with age.

It is interesting that sapphire according to the legend possesses double action. He is necessary for nuns as he helps them to observe vows, not to allow not only sinful acts, but even sinful thoughts, and at the same time by means of sapphire it is possible to charm the beloved. The love spell was carried out simply: the object of lamentations needed only to allow to drink waters, infused on sapphire. Method much simpler and graceful, than widely known love spells on " blood;.

If to attribute to each stone only one property, that is to choose the strongest of all, then sapphire - a constancy stone. The bride wearing sapphire ornament will love only the groom, the wife - the husband (the return, by the way, too is right). Such ornament can even attach the subordinate to the head, the employee - to the company. It is a pity that modern heads do not give to the employees similar gifts - consider, it is visible that did not deserve.

Most powerful orange sapphires from Sri`s fields - Lanka were considered. They are called padparadzha (color of a lotus) also symbolize belief, hope and love.

The most valuable - the Kashmir sapphires, they possess characteristic silky gloss and deep blue (cornflower-blue) color. Such sapphires give effect of an asterism - possess radiant gloss (in the form of a star) therefore them call star-shaped. According to the Bible, star-shaped sapphire decorated Solomon`s throne.

Sapphire was called a stone wise. Said that it is capable to strengthen memory, I am eager to awaken knowledge, to make congenital prudence stronger, and those who are deprived it - to bless with the gift of judiciousness. Sapphire helps with studying of sciences and to artists. The carrying sapphire is capable to attract to itself hearts of all. Sapphire helps to transfer troubles and strokes of bad luck patiently. Attribute to Ivan the Terrible the following words about sapphire: It stores and increases courage, heart " amuses;. And Grozny the tsar was considered as the big expert on jewels so his opinion deserves attention.

The sapphire mascot needs to be worn on the left hand - indifferently in the form of a bracelet or in the form of a ring. If you tried already all methods to achieve literary recognition, and nothing turned out - try a sapphire amulet. Speak, it helps all creative people. But consider if your works are cold and indifferent if in them there is no talent spark, then blue gloss of sapphire will not help you. Ancient wise men warned that sapphire increases talent, but does not present it on a plateau.

If all of you intend to use sapphire in the form of an amulet, then consider: each amulet, each stone protects only from something one. A complex of services, it seems a price - a leaf, from an amulet not to wait. Only one property is shown (or several interconnected). The sapphire amulet is an innocence and purity, protection against gossips and slander. All the rest - collateral influence.