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Whether there is life after a grant?

Probably, each student knows that put receiving a grant - huge pleasure and, at the same time, - great flour. Before yesterday`s school students there is a question of planning of the poor budget for the month ahead. Whether the young man can live (especially to the girl) on one grant?

Of course, is good if there are parents capable to give sponsor`s help to the child. And if is not present?

pleased students with news On the First of September that from this year the grant will be raised from 900 to 1100 rubles. Undoubtedly, it very much pleased them, but, as they say, there is a wish to eat all the same !

As says the Russian national proverb: You Want to make something well - make it . Who as the student can show and tell other whether it is possible in general - to live the whole month for 1100 rubles?

In the first day will need to buy the ticket which costs 250 rubles and to pay for the hostel: the prices of the room in it fluctuate from 100 to 150 rubles a month. It turns out that for the whole month of life of the student there are only 700 rubles: if to carry out calculations, then it will turn out that in a week young people can spend about 140 rubles, and in day - 22 rubles. 22 rubles are almost full-fledged lunch in the canteen of institute: it will be possible to buy mashed potatoes with a cutlet, compote and one piece of black bread (it should be noted that this sum will be enough only for a lunch therefore it is better even not to think of a dinner not to be upset).

A how to be with costs of phone without which it is impossible to live presently, and on the Internet. For youth presently these types of communication are the most significant. Especially for students who arrived to our area from other areas.

Certain a stick - a lifesaver for students there can be nominal grants which are given only by that who is a round excellent student. But there is also other way: it is possible to participate in scientifically - research, cultural and sports life of the HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION. Thanks to it on a card to a grant the certain sum depending on extent of employment of the pupil in this action will be charged.

Of course, is possible to drag hungry existence eating cubes and ROLLTONOM to buy a loaf of bread for a week and to calculate daily how many grams of bread it is possible to afford. But there is also other way: if the student could find 18 years work and in non-study time to work in shop or at the market. It will allow to improve also financial position and life experience to gain. But here danger is covered: itself can be fond so of earning money on life that there will not be enough time for study (here the main thing not to be overzealous)!

A, in general, everyone survives as can: someone counts on the help of parents, someone on a happy marriage, and someone works, without cease. Important the fact that students in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS do not become less, and, so is hope that the future of our country will be light-and it is fine.

Here is how answered the question Whether It is possible to live on a grant? students of various HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS and faculties:

Anna Olifer, the student of KGU of Nekrasov

it is unconditional on one grant not to live. Especially on the first. All of us want to lead cultural life, to walk, have a rest, and 1000 rubles are for the student not money. And to save it will hardly turn out. Food. Clothes. Rest. Horror in a word.

Anna Shitikova, the student of YaGTU

seems to me that today on one grant there does not live any person. To all my friends, including to me, it is necessary to get a job. Because not everyone has enough place in the hostel, and too it is necessary to pay for the apartment. Besides, the student - too the person and to him there is a wish to have a rest after several couples a day.

Angelina Sukhorukova, the student of RISN

it is indisputable that the grant is small for student`s life. But we already rather adult to count the means and to buy for itself everything only the most necessary. All began with it: at first the grant, then a salary, and is farther everything depends on the person.