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How the lion is connected with gods? Symbolics of an image

First of all, we will agree that we will lay aside sphinxes, griffins, etc., and we will talk only about inhabitants of heaven.

The regal figure of a lion often corresponded to solar gods. So, in Egypt, the lion with a solar disk designated god Solntsa Ra and his skin was attribute of the Sun. In To the Book of the Dead (hl. 62) it is told: I, lvinogolovy god, I - Ra .

God - a lion Miyuzis was also represented with a solar disk and got the nickname " during the Greek period; Ra, Light, Fire, Flame . And Gore as god of the morning sun could (under the name of Horakhti) to have the head of a lion. The lion with two heads located in the different ends of a body personified gods of dawn and a decline. And here Amt, the devourer of sinners, got only a body of a mighty animal (the head of it was crocodile).

In the Egyptian mythology also the deity presented in the form of couple of lions, each of which tozhdestven by Tefnut who was the goddess of wind, the power and destructive force who before the return to Egypt lived in an image of a blood-thirsty lion in the Nubian Desert is known. Her spouse, god of the wind Shue, was also represented in a lion`s appearance.

It is curious how many female divine images Egyptians connected with a lion. Besides Tefnut, it is worth calling aggressive Sakhmet who was equated to Bastet and fivansky Mut. Bastet in general had not only the cat`s head, but also lion`s. And sacred cows of Isida, staying in anger, addressed lionesses.

To the south of the Egyptian lands (that is unsurprising - Africa!) the lion was associated with inhabitants of heaven too. Drevnenubiysky god Apedemak, in particular, had the lion`s head. However, in Forward Asia lvinogolovy gods were frequent too. In Sumer - Semitic tradition the king of beasts admitted attribute of god of the Sun Marduk. If he acted with a branch in paws or about two heads, then personified the solar god of war Niniba. Besides, two lion`s heads which turned away from each other represented god of the Sun and the underground world.

The lion was the companion of Great Mother Atargatis who in Sumer patronized the imperial power, and also was a warrior. (Ishtar) as Great Mother too the lioness needed to accompany the goddess Inanna or even their couple. In India and Tibet they were Tara`s attribute - goddesses of the earth and motherhood. And drevnearabsky Allat, mother of gods, nisposylayushchy fertility, it was depicted as the lioness who is carefully keeping in claws of a lamb.

As an embodiment of a maternal instinct the lioness quite often is present near virgin goddesses of war. In Crete, in Mycenae, in Phrygia, Thrace, Syria, Lycia and Sparta flaunted on the coats of arms.

Besides, in Ancient Greece the lion was considered as the Sun conductor. Its images as a spirit symbol often meet on amulets and mascots of those times. The dragon with the lion`s head was a sign of the present and settled down at Apollo`s legs - the master of heavenly spheres and time. In an image of the king of beasts Dionysus could be shown on spring also, is an echo of perception of a zoomorfny image as a calendar emblem too. Besides, the lion appeared in the society of Feba, Artemis, Cybele, the nymph Tikhe.

Romans have a lion as the attribute of Fate represented the devouring power of death, but at the same time meant also a victory of the person over it. It symbolized solar fire, royalty. Juno, the spouse of Jupiter, rolled in the chariot harnessed by lions. The Roman Apollo considered a lion dostoyany to be in his suite too. At last, legendary Hercules in whose birth and destiny inhabitants of the Olympus were involved not casually dressed a lion`s skin.

Hindus consider a lion as the guard of the North and the exterminator of demons, recognize as attribute of the goddess Durgi. She was Shiva`s wife and acted as female aspect of spiritual power, it was represented astride the lord of an animal kingdom.

In the Buddhism the long-maned animal means Buddha`s wisdom, spiritual eagerness, advance forward and comprehension, bravery, is associated with the brightened-up person who to the lord. Sometimes Buddha is represented on the throne standing on lions. The lion with a cub under a fatherly paw personifies Buddha ruling the world and compassion. Lion`s roar is a voice of Buddha who is fearlessly preaching the Doctrine.

The lion is an incarnate courage, nobility and constancy, the donator of good luck and happiness. It is connected with Avalokiteshvara and Maytreyey, Mandzhushri, Vayrochany, Ratnasambkhavy, Boddkhisattvy (in an image of a young lion it is represented just passed initiation).

In Christianity the symbolics of a lion means force and Christ`s power, its regal beginning as Tsar Iudeysky. A story about Daniil in a den of lions which symbolizes rescue by the Lord of believers in It is presented in catacomb images of an early Christian time.

A lion with wings - Saint Mark`s emblem. Saint Iyeronim, according to the legend, removed a splinter then that became it the devoted friend from a paw of an animal. Lions accompanied hermits Anthony the Great, Pavel Otshelnik, Onufry and Mary of Egypt and even naposredstvenno dug them graves. Saint Adrian, Evfimiya, Iyeronim, Prisk, Fekl are connected with a lion.

Strangely enough, in Slavic tradition did not do without this animal too: at lyutichy, in particular, it was Radogost`s emblem, the god of war esteemed as the third embodiment of Dazhdboga, and their main temple, Retra abounded with images of a lion.

Here what great number of divine persons our ancestors with figry connected a lion: powerful, beautiful, majestic animal.