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What we love variety songs for, or And to me to fly hunting of

At the microphone - the honored artist Ivanov and is broken a rack. For a grand piano - the maestro Petrov has to come the fireman also long ago. The Russian national song and forty years to the last repair of our recreation center is sung...

And well - to us pour beer, cheerful wind!.

... In old Soviet period there was a terrible deficiency literally on everything. Sex so was not at all. You represent about what the youth had to sing? About loneliness of constellation, about flowers - hung and hidden, about sand, again about flora - bird cherries, maples, about wells, again about the cultivated grass. About friends - migratory birds all from above is visible to me but girls - then .

Of course, it is not necessary to argue, - such song helped to build and live. Rare foremen - long-livers still remember how they then built, but grin in gray-haired moustaches and do not share. As then lived, already in general it is remembered poorly because many claim that in those days and life was not. So only there are also old asexual songs about the main thing as an indirect demonstration of life in the USSR.

In the USSR there was no " group; Tatu . Matter is not that at the time of the Union they played a maximum in the doctor. Tatu those years would act in the suits embroidered by spangles - long sleeves and floors, a modest make-up. And a minimum of gestures near the monolithic microphone (production of the Syktyvkar name of Tin Man of combine of pig-iron designs No. 3). The biggest that is permissible in a shot, - in a refrain it is possible to break hands. Well, voice still to tremble and shift from one foot to the other. And of course, hits they would have something about BAM, electrodes and army.

It is possible to live without love, perhaps, but how without sex on the earth to live?

Now problem other. The Russian acceptable language in its present state is not really rich in beautiful words for the description of an intimate aspect of life. And to apply only one youth slang means to carry out denomination of adult population. It is quite real scenario of war of a new century: give me for three days channels of the country, and in three days to the state it will be possible to occupy the new people.

In the first day - round the clock a chanson. It is not enough who sat, but songs know many. For the second day for the guaranteed hit in a resonance - hip - hop. Well and to smooth out " groups; Hands Up and some " Caramels; - Toffees .

On beautiful, on, a card I will draw, on, a smile...

Creators of hits found a way out gracefully, having thought up something new. FLIGHT began to designate sex. Perhaps, everything began with Larisa Ch. song about the pilot Dima and his aircraft to which appealed to take in flight . Siegmund F. joyfully claps.

It likes allegories about flight and the only pilot. Siegmund deals with an issue seriously and defines for himself and mankind what is meant by phrases We will depart with you 7000 over the earth Fly for me And I all flew Flights waking or sleeping . Stop, Siegmund, is not the song.

The second wind at creators of smash hits opens with the invention of an ingenious rhyme departing - I conceal . Enthusiasm for a find was such is that even the summer " departed;. That is, dopilotirovatsya . As the classic, before emergence of winter in eyes predicted...

Well, I will come without noise, without shout,

Well, I will find some occasion. She will tell

: Well, hi, Vova .

A I: Well, happy birthday, Vika .

But not only safe flights and pilots on once the platform is rich. Really Disco Accident wrote If you want to remain, remain just like that... without any political background? They did not mean anything of that kind about, say, Kazakhstan or Belarus?. And somebody tried to imagine the picture Whether it is a breeze my lips kolysht ?.

I tried, but it turned out to remember only the phrase from the old movie: Such lips do not carry " any more;. Really, my native is wide, strange...

Tea together : You extinguished candles, made a wish. Normal people do on the contrary. Though You thought of candles, extinguished desire it will be not much better.

Em - pe - three, what summer, Em`s

- pe - three, what days!

... When you look in our culture from a wrong side, it becomes feel ill at ease. Instead of I Go on formal terms - Go you on . The help hand usually turns on now the counter. On a simple sneeze there are two versions of the answer: kind that you and another, atypical. And even cave people as far as they did not live up to Ancient Greece, the Renaissance and ABVGDEYKI and and that did not dare to urinate at refuse chutes.

You will not wait for production, the black bumer, I is not yours!