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Whether kleptomania is treated? Theft as illness of

In me the demon who forces me to steal " sits; - the young guy, the kleptomaniac - the thief necessarily admitted. Really, at kleptomania insuperable impulses (manias) operate the person, and he steals without the purpose of a profit or revenge.

Just before theft commission he feels the increased tension in a body which is replaced right after it by simplification or even pleasure. As a rule, then it has a sense of guilt and repentances from - for deeds. But it is not easier for the victim of theft that he was robbed by the patient. The thief has to be punished for the act - who will understand what reasons of theft?

It is unlikely in our country there are precedents when to the thief, especially the teenagers and young people who for the first time got on theft are given the chance to pass the examination on kleptomania. Unless if the relative of the influential or rich person will be the kleptomaniac.

When came home after a session with the young kleptomaniac recently and turned on the TV, it was pleasantly surprised to coincidence: on the first channel there was a transfer about kleptomaniacs. Unfortunately, transfer came to an end, and I could see only the end. But I was struck that it did not give any hope to kleptomaniacs on rescue from their fate.

At the very end of transfer showed how two unfortunate young students - kleptomaniacs courageously fight with the criminal an illness, supporting itself by what watch each other for in turn that, God forbid, someone from them did not steal something in shop. After such final of the telecast, naturally, I draw a conclusion that transfer did not light very important thing about which it was necessary to tell: in most cases kleptomania is treated quickly and easily! if someone from psychotherapists it is not able to do

I quickly or is not able to do in general, then it does not mean that it is a bad expert. Just he is not an expert in treatment of kleptomania. Then it is necessary to look for experts who have experience in treatment of manias, including kleptomania.

Also there is also very important thing about which it is necessary to tell: kleptomania is not treated medicamentally - only the psychotherapy can help! As experience with kleptomaniacs, with a problem of kleptomania shows it is possible to cope for 1 - 5 sessions.

Usually kleptomania develops at the age of 5 - 8 years against the minimum brain dysfunctions, most often after psychoinjuries. It can wavy proceed when symptoms amplify and weaken. Someone from kleptomaniacs steals only certain things (hours, buttons, hairpins, lipsticks, bicycles etc.) . Someone specializes on products, especially on sweets. Some are attracted by the sparkling things or they take everything that badly lies. If not to treat kleptomaniacs, then they, as a rule, get to prison. Many consider this illness social, but it not absolutely so. Children from safe, provided, and that rich families quite often occur among kleptomaniacs.

Unfortunately, the subject of kleptomania is insufficiently studied. In literature it is often possible to find the reference to incurability of this illness which breaks destinies of people, doing them by criminals. Employees of militia and those who work with difficult children in the majority blame theft only of parents, to an environment, not in view of that it can be a disease, so, trouble, but not fault of the small child or teenager. Growing, such people often cannot adequately estimate the acts, fall, become recidivists.

However there is some part of kleptomaniacs which can scam all life quietly. And if the purpose of their theft are, for example, buttons, books, handles or some insignificant trifle, the small sums of money, then they can avoid prison punishment. Some very intellectual young people from rich families suffering from kleptomania can involve dependent friends and friends in theft, justifying the actions with aspiration to be abrupt to receive adrenaline and even to defy it that is explained by psychoprotective mechanisms. They often are repaid also the fact that among kleptomaniacs there are famous foreign entertainment stars and cinema.

Here two typical examples of kleptomania of teenagers which got rid from unusual and, fortunately, quite rare illness what two years` supervision testify to (any coincidence to somebody is casual).

Boy of 10 years. Began to steal in 6 years, after death of the father. The father died in a drunk fight in the face of the son. Before the boy witnessed family scandals. Before theft to it the scene of murder of the father was remembered, his body strained, filled with a resentment, it was magnetized and magnetized hands tried to keep step with the chosen thing. After theft tension fell down, a body degaussed the resentment was replaced by sense of guilt and shame, the stolen thing hid.

Girl of 13 years. Steals from 6 years, after divorce of parents. At first stole everything that will get, but then it became to pull to jewelry (gold products). Before stretching to jewelry, the girl felt unusual pleasure, then heard a voice of the senior friend: Take earrings (money etc.) felt severe gripes in a body, and her hands pulled to the chosen subject. After theft she hid the stolen thing, at once her body calmed down, sense of guilt appeared.

Of course, in safe families where it is not necessary to steal not to be hungry and undressed, parents are shocked with theft of the children, try to shame them, to punish, hide from all such problem behavior while it works well, without knowing what with it to do. Punishment of such children does not solve a kleptomania problem, on the contrary, strengthens its manifestations or leads to a bigger nevrotization, aggression.

Instead of punishing, accusing and shaming, it is necessary to try to understand motives of acts of the children and teenagers, young men and girls inclined to theft. You can help the relatives suffering from kleptomania, having found for them the necessary psychotherapist.