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What gifts are loved by Fishes?

of Fish (on February 20 - on March 20) - a pronounced sign of elements Water. Everything that is connected with water, is close and expensive to your Fishes. Present them sea walk, the permit to the lake, or you reduce lessons of diving in a local aquarium, an oceanarium.

Fishes are pensive and mysterious. Are laconic and mysterious. Are very indecisive in the love relations. Therefore your gift has to bear this love, proving them the to them the relation again and again. A romantic dinner or walk under the Moon. Only not in a full moon. Fishes these days become disturbing, alerted.

Gold Small fishes have soft heart and tender feelings. Only not always they are quiet and serene. The real sharks and toothy piranhas occur among them. Present them networks of love and you keep a tight rein.

Fishes - the most problematic sign from all Zodiac, his wards - persons of no character. Therefore always look for in the environment of strong and imperious natures. Capable to protect them.

A sign of Fishes - two small fishes floating the friend towards to the friend. Very dual natures. On the one hand, weak and defenseless. With another - artistic. Always try on on themselves different masks. If you distinguished an image of the Fish - present her something from this image. Let, at last, she will play this role on a life scene. Or create a cheerful collage with Fish in this role.

Everything that is not present in the real world is interesting to fishes. Illusions, fantasy, ardent feelings, unknown. Present them theater tickets on the new play or you reduce in art gallery on an exhibition of abstract artists. Or perhaps they wanted to try to become artists long ago? Present them an easel and paints. The small volume of modern verses or a subscription to collection of the composition of the famous fantast will be to the taste to them too.

Fishes will accept any gift concerning water with pleasure. Bath foam, floating candles, an aqualung, a house aquarium, flippers

of Fish - altruists - idealists. They are ready to help near, weak and ailing. The most great humanists. Invite them in orphanage or in hospital, to visit the relative - will go with pleasure.

Fishes - the most sensitive and sensual zodiac sign. His representatives have the high creative potential and art talent. Are able to appreciate true works of art. Skillfully made thing from jewelry or antique shop will be to the taste to them.

They love things, nice on the touch. It calms them. It can be soft, fluffy and gentle things. Plaids, warm clothes, beautiful home decoration, a floor lamp with soft light.

Small fishes are inclined to mysticism. You reduce them to the local medium. Or present tarot cards. Excursion in the wake of Bulgakov heroes or in wax museum will become a fine gift.

It is almost impossible to predict reaction of Fishes to your gift. Everything will depend on their mood at this moment. And it changes promptly. The gift has to be such that the Small fish could admire it for many years. Also it is surely wrapped in multilayered packings. Fishes are impressionable, they perfectly developed imagination. Therefore the secret of a gift has to reveal gradually, step by step sharpnesses are afraid of

of Fish and roughnesses, leave on a bottom at once. Become isolated. The ardent speeches full of warm-heartedness and convincing arguments, they will listen with pleasure. Prepare an inspired panegyric in their honor and sing it the romance composed only for them.

Their hobbies, a hobby and hobbies can be favourite subjects for conversation with economic Fishes.

For Fishes the most important - the nobility that remember them that they are necessary that they are loved and respected. The sincere gifts you will be able to convince them of it!

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