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What to feed the kid with?

for feeding of the child can be bought Today all: from porridges to quenelles in jars and soluble soups. And nevertheless many mummies cannot decide that to prefer - to give to the kid food of industrial production or to cook homemade food.

In both cases there are the pros and cons. On the one hand, on preparation of food time, forces, products of the highest quality is necessary and it is desirable the productions for example, from giving that is not always possible. On the other hand, there is no absolute confidence in safety and usefulness of industrial food, unfortunately. Here is how I solved for myself this dilemma.

Initially I entered a feeding up of industrial production. Really, there is no sense to cut, cook, soar from - for one spoons. And here when the kid grew up and at us in 9 months was established 4 - single food, I began to prepare independently for two reasons. In - the first, the food cooked by mother the sonny eats much more willingly and in large numbers. And in - the second, it is banal cheaper, than to buy ready food.

A variety of a diet is important for intake of all necessary nutrients and vitamins, and also for development of taste of the kid. That not to spoil this taste from the very beginning, I began to enter a feeding up not from fruit juice as pediatricians advised, and from vegetable purees.

I impart the culinary experience in nursery to kitchen. I it do not add some salt to

When cooking for the child and I do not sweeten. In my opinion, the child accustomed is salted insufficiently and not too sweet, will prefer in the future healthier food.

For breakfast

it is good to b to give porridge. There are many instant porridges in boxes. It is worth beginning, perhaps, with them. And further it is possible to prepare independently. We grind buckwheat and/or porridge, rice, corn in the coffee grinder, we impose in a pan in any proportions, since evening we fill in with kefir, we mix and we leave for the night. It is filled in all this with hot milk in the morning, carefully we mix before receiving homogeneous mass. Everything, porridge is ready.

If the kid already well copes with non-uniform structure, then offer him buckwheat (it is insufficiently small milled). If it begins to choke, means so far stop on porridge, and then gradually add buckwheat and other grain. Certainly, such ground porridge in any combination of ingredients can be cooked also in the traditional way. It is desirable to include every day in structure of porridge porridge as it possesses the enveloping properties and ideally protects a stomach.

The boiled quail small egg will become excellent addition to a breakfast - it contains a unique complex of vitamins and minerals. By the way, too it is useful for the feeding mother to drink on an empty stomach 3 - 4 quail eggs.

For lunch I cook soup. It is simpler to make, of course, it in advance. I boil a piece of meat (any of the kid who is already entered into a diet), I add any vegetables, besides familiar to the child. In the summer it can be a small bulb, carrots, a vegetable marrow, potatoes, a color and white cabbage, broccoli, etc. (vegetable marrows and potatoes several hours that there was a starch are desirable to soak); it is possible to buy the frozen vegetables in the winter.

For density and nutritiousness I add grain (rice, buckwheat, wheat etc.) or macaroni (noodles, vermicelli). Varya 10 - 15 minutes. In 1 - 2 minutes prior to readiness I put the fresh or frozen greens. I crush all this in the blender - thick mashed potatoes turn out. Once again I bring to boiling and quickly I remove from a plate. Tasty and useful soup is ready.

The afternoon snack is, as a rule, cottage cheese with fruit or berry puree and kefir with cookies.

For dinner I cook vegetables. Sometimes I add a half of a yolk, sometimes macaroni or rice, is more rare - meat or fish (all - before going to bed is too heavy food). The steam cutlet with mashed or other vegetable puree well will be suitable for an early dinner. Etc. I do vegetable marrow, pumpkin, cauliflower, broccoli puree equally: in the boiling water I put vegetables, I cook to readiness, I merge excess water and I crush in the blender.

In breaks between food the kid with pleasure will drink a tea. Besides it is possible to buy ready, and it is possible to make a dogrose, mint, a linden, a thyme, a melissa in any proportions, rather weakly. Carefully - each look needs to be checked for allergenicity.

Gradually I add all new dishes to the menu of the kid and I complicate old, and also I offer new forms of already familiar products. For example, for an afternoon snack I experiment with various " cocktails; from berries, fruit, kefir and cottage cheese. Besides it is possible to make cheesecakes of cottage cheese. I expand range garnishes at the expense of rice, a pshenka, seasonal vegetables and other products.

In a word, food of your child is limited only to your imagination. You are not lazy, and that heat and love with which the food for the kid will be cooked, surely will help to grow to him healthy and happy.