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When years - wealth...?

According to the Kurdish parable, at the beginning of the creation on Earth God determined by everything to living beings for 30 years of life - all equally. But it appeared to the person of it a little. Then God added to him 15 more, having taken them from a donkey (that had so heavy life that from released to it 30 it gave a half with ease). When also it appeared insufficiently, God presented to the person of 15 more years, having taken away half-lives and from a dog. But also 60 years seemed to the person a little... The creator gave it 15 more years, having truncated a century half and a monkey.

I that? If the first 30 years of people enjoys life, in the following 15 makes a fortune, sticking as a donkey, then as if the dog, tries to protect acquired, then in the last 15 years assimilates to the distant relative ...

One my acquaintance told somehow that in the first years of marriage his wife quite often complained that he constantly is at home and does not bring money. Then, when it began to vanish at work and to earn, the spouse changed tactics : said that better he would stay at home because it eternally somewhere vanishes and money already those are not necessary for it...

The Fairy tale - lie and in it - a hint... . it is valid, increase in life expectancy - a question which occupies human minds for a long time, and we, mere mortals, not an exception. But... sophisticated science gerontology (the section of the physician - biological science, studying phenomenon of aging of live organisms including it of the person) meanwhile does not give an irrefragable answer. Though motions are here, and considerable. You judge.

In pre-revolutionary Russia average life expectancy made only 32 years, in 1940 - 55 years, and now reached 70 years. And it is not a limit. Scientists discovered hormone degidroepiandrosteron not so long ago. Its content in blood of the person from 20 - 30 years gradually begins to decrease that is followed by deterioration in health. If to enter it artificially, then it will strengthen bones and muscles, will smooth skin, will increase immune protection and will promote sexual longevity.

Growth hormone , responsible for development of bone system and muscles, also became known recently. Doctor Edmund Cheyn from National institute of age made a number of experiments which yielded almost instant result. After six months of treatment by this preparation at 60 - summer volunteers skin became elastic, hair brilliant, and a figure harmonous.

Melatonin - a new hit of the pharmacological industry. At the person in 80 years of melatonin only the fifth part from that quantity which was developed by its organism in 6 years is made. Shishkovidny gland emits with size about a pea in a human brain this hormone controlling a rhythm of change of day and night. Mice to whom the Italian immunologist Walter Pyerpaoli added melatonin to food lived twice longer, than their tribespeople. And when the scientist replaced shishkovidny glands of young rodents to old individuals, those began to behave violently in cages from excess of energy, and young mice began to grow bald quickly, they developed a cataract, they became sluggish and inert.

And here Americans Wright and Shei managed to find biological clockwork controlling life and death at the cellular level. It is enzyme of a telomeraz , capable to force cells of the person not to stop division, thereby rejuvenating them. If it is artificial to telomeraz to synthesize and enter into an organism, then human life can be prolonged infinitely long. And scientists promise such prospect in 2015.

But there is a danger: if cages freely breed, they can become cancer. Also there is a vicious circle: aging counteracts the irresponsible growth of cages, thereby reducing a possibility of emergence of cancer; and if to remove a brake from cellular division, then the risk of developing of cancer increases several times present to

A what effect of rejuvenation will be if to mix cocktail from hormone of growth, melatonin and to have a snack telomerazy? Then to live several hundreds of years in general will become a trifle. Under one, however, condition: if cocktail of immortality is available to bulk of the population...

You should not despair, however. Instead of all these stunning elixirs it is possible to resort to the help... milk. It is capable to warn such diseases as atherosclerosis, obesity or an iskhudaniye, diabetes, zheludochno - intestinal diseases and other if not less than 1 g of proteins a day on 1 kg of body weight come to an organism.

From fermented milk products are especially useful acidophilic which reduce processes of rotting and regulate work of intestines: acidophilous curdled milk and cottage cheese, paste, acidophilic milk. At obesity it is better to use the fat-free dairy products.

So drink, dear, milk! Why to you both additional difficulties, and essential expenses?