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How to meet year of the Red Boar?

Though year of the Red Boar (the Fiery Pig) will come only on February 17 at 23 o`clock local time, traditionally we consider that we meet him already on January 1.

Clever and cunning, purposeful and scattered, aggressive and helpless, the Boar in the Calendar of the East is considered the lazy and ungrateful animal achieving the objective by all means, but who is giving up business halfway if it ceases to interest him. Saturn with its protection patient and economical, organized and collected, prudent and sane, able to appreciate time and life will be a patron of the coming year. But let experts understand subtleties of east calendar, and we will better reflect over other questions.

In what to meet New year? This question will interest in

, most likely, girls. But too it will be useful for young men to esteem, to present a scarf in flowers of a new animal - the patron by New year - very fashionable tendency which for certain will not remain to your unnoticed beloved. Primary colors of the coming year - red and orange. From pink and claret to kirpichno - ocherous - all this color your range for the whole year. If your favourite sweater of white color, then too anything terrible. Several bright accessories of the listed flowers - and you will be not just irresistible on New Year`s Eve, but also please a symbol of year. If you cannot live without jewelry, then give preference to natural stones. Rely on extravagance and mysteriousness - you will not be mistaken.

Where to meet New Year?

the Boar does not love foreign people and initially a holiday this family. So you should not forget about traditions. It is necessary to meet year of this animal in a family, with children and favourite people, kind friends and good acquaintances. If houses are impossible, then make space around yourself the coziest and comfortable. Decorate rooms, the hall in which all family, or a table symbols of good luck, fertility and prosperity gathers. Ears of rye, a branch of a fir-tree, pine and cypress, apricots, peaches are especially good. From flowers - a rose, a carnation, a cornflower. The live fir-tree or artificial can replace branches of trees. Jewelry on a fir-tree in the form of branches, flowers (above called) will approach too.

How to meet New year?

In fact, not very well. You do not tell bad words, do not do the evil, wish all good luck and wellbeing. Within a year it is forbidden to tell such sayings? as pig to me not the brother, and five Rublyov not money and to swear there is a pig! The Most important - that was cheerful. The boar is friendly to those who are able to laugh not only at others, but also over by itself. Therefore various jokes and humourous catchphrases are only welcomed. It is just necessary to arrange enchanting show.

By what to meet New year?

What has to be on a table that the Boar was favorable? Haricot and beans, fowl or a game, bread and a fresh juicy grass, a flower (it is possible in a pot) and fruit (a peach, a quince or a lemon). Seven candles, red or multi-colored, are possible flowers of a rainbow. A bowl with clear or spring water. Lay the table as never before it did. Accurately put napkins, devices, plates, on each plate it is desirable to put a small card with a congratulation or a symbol of New year - the Fiery Pig. The main thing - exclude pork from a diet. Better at once for all year.

The general councils and recommendations are made. Just it is a high time to take all this into consideration and to begin to think out the program of a holiday, to select a dress and to make the menu of Good luck to you!